Your prediction. Who will the Dem candidate be and why

Put your money on the old white man.


This is the perfect opportunity for Dems to tear each other’s throats out over Bernie getting screwed again.

They have found they are not able to intimidate Trump supporters, so to get their power trip high the betas are beginning to intimidate each other. It’s going to get very messy in Demdom.

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I have no idea. Buttgig is the most likely but I’m not sure he can pull it off.
A sorry assortment.

apparently, he’s finally getting some black support

or not

He won’t survive the diverse south.

Oprah is going to ride in on a giant steed at the last instance and save the day.

I forgot about Oprah!! I wonder what nickname Trump would label her with?

Nailed their problem. If Bernie wins the nom, they lose because most of the country is not going to vote for that extremist, if Bernie loses, his supporters stay home because you can bet they’ll believe they got screwed. And they still lose.

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If she gets any fatter, she’ll need an elephant.

Looks fairly good for her age to me.

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Sanders will probably be the nominee, because he seems to have the broadest support. And he’ll get his ass kicked in the EC, because enough people will vote against an avowed Socialist (few care to parse the term “Democratic Socialist”).

I think I’ll go back to bed.

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How old is that picture? She’s been up and down the pig scale for 40 years

The people will try to pick Bernie. The dems won’t allow it. Mayor Pete is probably too gay to get major support from some minority groups. The endless supply of cash from Bloomboy will win the day. Bloomberger it is.

2020 Golden Globes

This. No way Democrats can afford to burn bernie twice. They are pretty much in the situation republicans found themselves in last time. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Except Trump surprised everyone and won.


Hilarious. You think your speculation is somehow superior to our speculation.

Pete but I don’t think the heartland can really accept a gay President.

What’s wrong with my screen name?

Hmm, I don’t think I am allowed to answer that even if I did think there was. Sounds an awful lot like attacking an honored guest to me.