Your prediction. Who will the Dem candidate be and why

Ok, the Democratic Caucuses and primaries are officially underway and it’s not looking good for Biden or Warren. Bernie and Buttigieg are out of the gate in the lead but I don’t believe any of the top 4 will get the nomination. I don’t think the Dems will go for an old rich socialist who reminds you of that old guy shaking his arm and shouting “YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN”, or a gay mayor or A whiny rich idiot or a former senile VP who’s already admitted he’s too old. I predict Bloomberg will pull it off. His record of racism and stupidity will be overcome by the media campaign he will pay for out of his own pocket. Dems won’t care about anything but that he’s another rich guy and maybe he could do what Trump did.

The field is getting thin as candidates are starting to drop out. Klobachar will be done soon. Not much to choose from for Dems. Who’s it going to be?

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I’m gonna laugh waaaay harder at Bernie this time if Bloomberg pulls off this fire sale. lol

It’s a real tossup at this point. It looks like the DNC is now pushing Bloomers since Biden is crashing but if I had to bet right now I’d say Bernie is going to very likely go into the convention with the most delegates.

Who comes out of the convention with the nomination is anyone’s guess right now.

The far left has control of the party so they are running off their most viable general election candidates at a rapid rate.

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That’s exactly why Wall Street is pushing back with Bloomberg. The Establishment knows it’s in trouble. They may just split the vote in the general to keep Bernie out.

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Who is this Bloomers you keep talking about?

I suggested in 2016 that to have any shot at all the Dems would need to enlist George Clooney. I do notice his political profile has just been lifted in the media. I think he may have wanted to wait until Trump was off the ballot, but the Dems are desperate, so I think they may be willing and able to offer him enough perks to induce him to jump in this round.

They’re already coming up with their “clever” nicknames. They’re adorable.

Sanders will be the nominee grab me some of that popcorn :popcorn: Michael has and bring down Macaulay Culkin hiding in Michaels bedroom to watch the take down of the Democratic Party.

Just happened Tacoma

Well alrighty then…

Here is what’s gonna happen as of right now and shows this speculation to be just that…

Biden will as of this moment pull out some surge on super tuesday if things stay the same. If things stay the same as now you will have a three way race between sanders, Bloomberg and biden. Amy and pete dropping out and going behind Biden most likely.

Warren will drop as well and most but not all will go to sanders while the others go to the moderate dems.

Sanders will eventually lose because he doesnt have enough votes in the end. The moderates will get behind one candidate and bernie wont have enough.

There wont be any ■■■■ like 2016 and people will see Bernie just couldnt get the votes.

That’s if Amy’s surge dies…and that’s if bidens numbers hold. Biden fades it goes to amy and bloomberg. More towards bloomberg because he has the funds.

Lol what

I know, right.

■■■■ if I know

Biden isn’t going to win he is boring, he has no following, zero fund raising they are having to pull ads in S.C. to save money. In 2016 Hillary beat Bernie but she was a force in her ground game and nonstop fundraising, Biden’s campaign is broke.

Barring something happening at the convention Sanders is clearly the front runner.

I said if things stand where they are now…

I agree that Biden won’t win. Think its between Sanders and Bloomberg.

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I think if Pocahontas & Sleepy Joe pull out, Klobuchar will get their supporters, & I think if she was the nominee, (which I don’t want) she will give Trump a more difficult time.

If Bloomberg can buy the nomination, that is proof enough you could nominate a statue with enough money.

Bernie will win because his supporters support the corruption, the rest will be sent to the pasture for being a corrupt organization.

The Dem Candidate will be a socialist…

It doesn’t matter what the persons name is.