Youngkin's swearing in outstanding

This is how it is supposed to go. Streaming on the news. Virginia has a diverse leadership for a great people.

Remove politics from the classroom and open the schools, no gas tax one year. No grocery tax. Power to the people.

He is a true public servant


I hope and think he will be a great governor.

Damn better than the alternative!


You got that right. +10

Watch it here. Historical Virginia:


He’s not wasting any time…


A refreshing breeze in Virginia. Power to the people.!!!

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The progs don’t seem to like your thread.

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Should they just close all of Virginia’s schools now as a preemptive measure?


Yes. Definitely

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I’m not seeing this anywhere.

I always am cautious about wide tax cuts if they don’t come with spending cuts.

States should be able to cut taxes given the inflation in housing prices and wage growth. Both of which represent a lot of extra state revenue they didn’t have before.


That’s true. I would also be comfortable with tax cuts if they are shown to be offset with revenue from some other source.

Indefinitely. :wink:

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cyrus i can

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My understanding is that some school districts are pushing back against the Governor’s EO.

An EO can’t conflict with State law.


Arlington County public schools has already said they will continue to enforce their mask requirements. When asked about this, Youngkin said something about using “state resources” to make schools comply.

I agree. This is how an inauguration should be, the governor elect dressed like Batman supervillain The Penguin, just to really give you a visual of what his plans are.

And when you out-Penguin Roger Stone you are going for it.

And he fired some of the prog riff raff! :confetti_ball:

Of course they will sue and there will be the beginning if a minor league “We got him THIS time” team.


Hey I remember when Virginia did this before on some race related stuff. Shut down their public schools for years because they’d rather kids get no education than see a black kid in their school.

I’m sure James M. Buchanan is shedding a tear of pride in the afterlife.