Young boy dies in immigration custody after being "diagnosed" with a cold

This should never have happened. And on Christmas Day. The government is responsible for this tragedy. And the real tragedy is this government doesn’t give a ■■■■■

This is going to keep happening. I don’t think anyone in the administration cares.

We should investigate this indeed and until we do, we should NOT use this as another ball of **** to throw at the President, not yet at least.

An important fact is missing from the article. When did the boy arrive at the border and how long was he in custody. That is a very important fact and that fact is unclear to from the news story.

Where did the child pick this disease up and how long has it been incubating in his body??? Did he pick the disease up from the pestilence in the caravan or from some other source on his journey? We must investigate the culpability of the father, dragging a child on such a journey.

Under the circumstances, if he had crossed at a regular crossing, the end result may very well have been the same or maybe it would have not.

I will wait for the facts and if they fall in such a way as to put the blame on ICE, then so be it. And if they fall in such a way as to put the blame on the father, he should be prosecuted.

Absolutely no way I can reach any rational conclusion at all based on what little I know about this case.


If the cause is unknown at this time you cannot say the government is responsible as it may have been something unpreventable.

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Was it a government hospital that diagnosed him with a cold?

According to Guatemala’s foreign ministry, the father and son entered the U.S. at El Paso, Texas, on Dec. 18, then were taken to the Border Patrol’s Alamogordo station Sunday.

6 Days from when he was picked up by Border Patrol.

Hospital (not Border Patrol) diagnosed and sent home with antibiotics. later that night Border patrol returned him to the hospital after he worsened.

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Well, if he was bringing in some disease then he also probably smuggling in drugs and was probably a rapist to boot.

OK, 6 days.

While the flu, common cold and some other viral infections have relatively short incubation periods, many viruses incubate for well beyond 6 days. Many bacterial infections can incubate for an extended period as well.

There is a very high probability he entered the country with whatever killed him already incubating in him.

We won’t know until the post-mortem/autopsy is completed what the cause of death was, which will be critical in apportioning fault down the road.

Further investigation will reveal the exact steps the hospital and ICE took and will reveal whether there was negligence on the part of either.

Right now, with the additional information regarding the 6 day period, we are still far from enough information to even begin to rationally apportion fault, whether to the hospital or to ICE.

Since the posted article is devoid of any information indicating this was the government’s fault, I think anyone claiming it was needs to be detained and questioned about it.
Exactly what do they know and how do they know it?

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This is why people need to get ■■■■■■■ flu shots.

Meh, on this one, I’ll wait for more details. My own dad had a diagnosis of pneumonia when, in fact, he had lung cancer. Doctors can make a wrong diagnosis - it happens. I’ll wait for more details.

Brings up a good point of border security function of disease quarantine and prevention.


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We average about 325,000 international arrivals per DAY… There is far more risk of disease from visitors via air travel then someone crossing the border on foot…

We remember the Ebola flier to Dallas a few years ago…Lots of FUN that was.

Even though the CDC will not release his flight plan from Liberia to the United States, it is clear that he would have had to make at least two transfers – including one in at least one other country.

Flights from the airport in the Liberian capital of Monrovia fly to only six destinations – four in West and Central Africa, one flight to Morocco and one flight to Brussels, Belgium. There are no direct flights into the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Time to get busy.


And? As your own article points out, until he started exhibiting symptoms, he was not contagious and therefore releasing his itinerary was not necessary. Since we did not see any outbreaks from those who would have contacted him during his flight FOUR years ago, the doctors were correct…

We should build a wall around all of our airports so international flights won’t be able to land.


We need sky net!

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I’m telling you all we need to build a beautiful, artistically designed, steel dome over the whole country.

Only then will we truly free.


Do you have a wiretap in your home thinking it’s a digital assistant?

How best to contain the explosive force of Yellowstone?