YOU WILL KNEEL BEFORE ME SON OF JOR-EL! Football debate starts up again

And guess who is fanning the flames tonight:

Yep, kick out the best player because he dared make a protest. Welcome to Trumplandia, where you don’t want to say too mean things to dictators, but if you dare kneel, you’re super fired.

He knows his stupid base really well.


Remember the good old days when Republicans thought the government needed to stay out of private businesses?

Well, at least that’s what they claimed to believe…


obvious deflection is obvious

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Trump’s taken a couple hits this week.

He needs to change the story, and this lets him.

Trump doesn’t care one iota about the kneeling as anything other than a means of petty revenge against the NFL for slighting him twice.

First when Trump was the main owner in the USFL which stupidly tried to compete directly with the NFL and failed. Then as it was getting ready to fold, Trump tried to get the NFL to expand and accept his New Jersey Generals team into the NFL and was again told no.

Then in 2012 he tried to buy the Buffalo Bills and was rebuffed by the league.

Trump is a bitter, petty old man with a grudge and his continuous stirring of the anthem pot is just his way of getting back at them. This was a DEAD issue last year with less than 5 players still kneeling league wide and no one paying attention but then President Cheetoh started tweeting and name calling to stir the pot and get players kneeling again. Now he sees blood in the water again so of course he’s opening his mouth again.


Who cares? It’s just his opinion, no different than mine or yours. None of us including him have any say in the matter. That’s between the NFL and NFLPA. But I don’t know why people continue to think that it’s somehow odd behavior that the President of the United States is against disrespecting the United States flag. A real stunner.


He became Putin’s prostitute but somehow these NFL players are un-American thugs who should lose their jobs.

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I’d donate $10,000 to the charity of Trump’s choice if Dip ■■■■ Donnie took one more hit this week - a single hit from an NFL player. I’ll see if Keanu Neal is up for a reprise of this hit…

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The stunner is the POTUS suggesting that a private company fire its employees.

On a personal level, I don’t like people disrespecting the flag. But, I see it as an issue to be dealt with between employees and their employer.

Then again, the only football team I really track is the Georgia Bulldogs.

Of all the things Trump has done and said, this you consider stunning?

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Of course, but you still have your opinion.

He can’t believe the debate has started again when he’s the moron that reignited it. He’s like a low rent comedy act and his mindless followers are the punchline.

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Yes. He has now made it more difficult for the owners.

With the bad week that he has had, this kind of deflection is par for the course.

Hours after The Associated Press reported that Miami Dolphins players who protest on the field during the anthem could be suspended for up to four games under a team policy issued this week, the league and the players union issued a joint statement late Thursday night saying the two sides are talking things out.

I say the players have the upper hand here. Without them the owners do not have a product.

…very true but…without the owners, do the players have a paycheck? Have they been frugal and prepared for this, ya think?:sunglasses:

Don’t worry, Trump supporters who in other threads who whine about libs wanting big government will “rush” to Trump’s defense soon.