You go girl, Texas mom

shoot a would be carjacker in the face as he tried to steal her car with her two babies in back seat.

Proud of her.

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Thank God we don’t have Universal Background checks and everyone can buy an AR-15 in a couple of minutes in this country.

Otherwise those kids would have been lost for sure.

And your point?

Come on and spit it out lib.

I thought it was pretty clear man. What don’t you understand?

Libs in general.

Good for her!

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Why is this is in the politics forum?

It’s in the second Amendment forum Einstein.

Sorry. I’m still not use to multiple forums posting together.

Atta boy!!!

Good for her! She made protection of her kids her #1 priority.

It says she shot him right in the face, at point blank range and she hopes “he learned something”? He’s not dead? What ever the gun is…that after shooting the perp, in the face, at point blank range didn’t blow their head off…….it’s time for a new gun IMO.

Wisconsin got some tough ladies in it as well. Lucy, anything you want to share?


The first question asked after a shooting is usually “what law would have prevented this?”

It’s a valid question to ask regarding the content of his post. Would any of that have stopped her from being able to shoot the carjacker?

Play the conversation out in your head, and it’s a mirror match

Didn’t know an AR would fit in a glove box

Well now you do.

It’s automatically Racism! Cause Ricky boy was a black man!
You know the real victim here was Ricky Wright! I know he was trying to steal that car
with the little kids in it, but he was thee victim, because he is a black man.
It’s probably part of a KKK conspiracy, or Trumps fault some how?
I dunno how it’s racism, or part of the kkk, or Trumps fault, but that’s what I’m use to hearing on
liberal biased fake mainstream news(ABC, CBS, NBC). lol.

Please provide the link to one of those outlets making this the fault of any of the parties you named.

I’m guessing you won’t be able to, since it hasn’t happened anywhere but you fever dream addled mind.

It won’t…but that fact leads to a funny question I’m sure I’m gonna get roasted for asking…

I have, on this very board, seen people argue that an AR would be needed for personal defense. I’ve asked in what situation that might be true.

Your statement about an AR not fitting in the glovebox points to a flaw in that logic. Her need for an AR was exactly NIL to do what she needed to do.

That being what it is, IF AR’s were banned, how would that have stopped her from doing what she did?

There are situations when an AR would be good for personal defense
like living in the country or rural area with wild boars ect. I myself would much rather have an AR for that.
but I think a handgun in most situations is enough