You can't hold in person elections -- you'll kill thousands! Well . . . ummm . . . maybe not

Is Wisconsin doing contact tracing?


“Today the Department of Health Services (DHS) announced new tracing mechanisms for local health departments to better track Wisconsin residents who may have been exposed to COVID-19 during Tuesday’s election.”

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You killed thread with Lysol


No they are not because they ignore the literal mountains of evidence that this simply does not happen to any degree.

California can go to the polling places

Swing and a miss

How many people did those 23 voters infect?

Trump said it was because the GOP would lose elections if they made it easier to vote.

And if those 23 got is someplace other than polling places would you be asking that question – say if they picked it up at the grocery store/gas station.

If the 23 were infected by going grocery shopping (each one had other places they could have picked it up) . . . would you be asking how many others they infected?

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Eleven years of all mail-in ballots in WA.
Tens of millions of ballots and 74 “suspected” cases of fraud.
That’s not even a rounding error.
I believe you’re a good person, but you’re being misled.


People have to go tot he grocery store. They didn’t have to be heeded into 1 of 5 polls instead of voting by mail.

Also, it’s up to 40. Can’t paste the link from my phone for some reason

Elections are kind of a necessity as well. So again, why not ask how many are infected at grocery stores and how many do they re-infect?

We ask that all the time. Stores are limiting the number of shoppers, providing curb side pick up putting up screens etc.

What Wisconsin did was the opposite of what we are doing with groceries. They made it more likely to get infections

And the election process used extra protections as well.

Then there should be hundreds if not thousands of cases. 40 is a blip out of how many people voting?

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Just like everywhere else, there are probably many more than the documented positives. How many asymptomatic or just slightly ill carriers are out there now? Last I saw the R(0) for COVID is around 5-7.

so determined to have ballot harvesting

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Don’t stop believing what you feel to be true, despite the mountain of evidence that has been presented to you on multiple occasions clearly showing your feelings are way off.

they can do the same thing grocery stores are doing.

Even longer in Oregon.

But see…these are “Lib States” so they don’t need fraud to control them…or else they’re “covering up the fraud”.

Because remember…no evidence of fraud is exactly what you’d expect to find if there was massive fraud.