You can't hold in person elections -- you'll kill thousands! Well . . . ummm . . . maybe not

So a couple weeks ago, everyone was up in arms that Wisconsin was set to continue with in person elections. Dem’s did everything they could from courts to state health officials. When it failed, we were told that the reckless behavior would kill thousands of people and make ten’s of thousands sick.

Following the election, at least 23 people who voted in person or worked at the polls tested positive for COVID-19, but many of them also reported other potential exposure points besides the election where their infection could have occurred, state Department of Health Services spokeswoman Jennifer Miller told the State Journal.

23 people. That’s it. And most of the 23 couldn’t be specifically linked to getting it exclusively from the in person voting.

The results taken from state data on new cases:

A team of doctors from Wisconsin and Florida plus a mathematician in Alabama examined data from the post-election period of April 12-21, meaning five to 14 days after election, when new cases of the virus from April 7 likely would have become apparent, the Wisconsin State Journal of Madison reported Friday.

Looks like we should be good for those states that hold in person elections in November.

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Forcing people to show up at a polling site in person in the middle of a pandemic is irresponsible and dangerous.

Even if a bullet was dodged, people should not have to unreasonably risk their health to vote.

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Why is the Right so against making it easier for people to vote?


Anything that lowers turnout is advantageous to republicans. Not sure if this qualifies or not however.

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The fact that virtually everyone who works the polls is like a hundred years old definitely bodes well for this.

Great drunk driving logic.

Shoot, I knew I was fine to drive. Didn’t get arrested, didn’t kill anyone.

Tonight, think I’ll have one more…


23 people. Hunh. That’s not a lot. And yet, substantially more than the number of people who cast a fraudulent vote. But sure, we need laws to guard against that.


I’ve driven drunk a hundred times and never killed anyone.

Therefore I should keep doing it.



Sure it does. In Milwaukee, they went from 130 polling places to down to something less than 10 because poll workers called out. How many people are going to wait in line for 5 - 8 hours to vote?

Priorities, priorities

Yeah there aren’t many people left that don’t know the score by now. They’re scared ■■■■■■■■ because they’re now firmly in the minority so the only way to retain power is to stack the deck

…against making it easier to vote illegally?


Yes that’s why they pull all the shady ■■■■ limiting acess to polling stations in certain areas…illegal voting


If there is any corrupt actions as you mention, it should be severely prosecuted…period. All of us should be united in desiring fraud free elections…on both sides of the aisle and on both ends of the voting spectrum.

We are. But some are busy chasing ghosts in the spectrum.

During a pandemic that’s just what happens when you live in the city. Don’t like it? Move. There were plenty of polling places in the more rural areas of Wisconsin.

Who told you that?

Seems like there’s some conflicting info circulating.

I wonder how many people those 23 people gave it to?