Yo dems, what should Biden's top priority be.?

I’m asking this because there is no evidence that the media will stop beClowning themselves and start asking him real, actual policy questions any time soon. Or ever.

What would you like to see done first?

  1. Tax increases?
  2. Massive re-regulation of business?
  3. Energy fees?
  4. Dramatic border security reductions?
  5. Legalization of border crashers?
  6. Free insurance to border crashers?
  7. Paying off student loans?
  8. Massive overhaul of your health insurance plan?
  9. Fiddle farting around with your 401 k?
  10. Packing the court?
  11. Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico?
  12. More firearm restrictions on legal gun owners?
  13. Expanded war in the middle east?
  14. Redistribution of our wealth to corrupt third world countries in the name of climate change?
  15. Reinstate catch and release?
  16. End the remain in Me-he-co policy?

Something else?

Ensuring that the system of distribution of the Trump vaccine to the states is properly organized and funded.

Thanks Mr. Biden!


Economic support for businesses and employees most hurt by pandemic restrictions.


There is a good chance that this ship will have already sailed by the time Biden gets into office and vaccines will already be getting distributed efficiently. If this is the case, what would you like to see. Joe do first?

What do you mean by “support?”

Targeted financial support.

Easiest question of the day.

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I like the fiddle farting and Me-he-co options.

Vaccine implementation and economic pandemic stimulus.

COVID. Plus, undo every executive action of Trump that he wants to, doesn’t need congress for that.


Trump copy cat…Good strategy though.

Still joe…errrr toe tapping Stayin Alive.


Is this a fancy way of saying send people checks? That’s a no brainer. When Trump is out of office and unable to get credit, checks will be sent. After he sends out checks, there will still be actual policy changes to be made.

What are you hoping for first.

No children in the White House under the age of 18.

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Dismantling the surveillance state.

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I thought you would. I get invited to parties for my rugged good looks and sense of humor.

Uhm no. That will not be on his agenda.

You thought of me? I’m touched.

Now we know what you want him to undo, What would you like to see him do?

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We all know you’re touched. Have you considered seeing someone for it? :wink:

That is how he got elected…sort of…No plan.