Yet another vicious lie by fake news CNN

Good God they are shameless. This low life Joe Lockhart totally invents a conversation in his head and reports it as if it actually happened. How does this clown still have a job? If CNN had any integrity or class this dirt bag would already be gone. Who could ever believe anything he or CNN reports now? As Sean says, Journalism is dead.

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“Person makes things up on twitter.”

This is a perfect description of our POTUS. But let’s outrage about some cnn analyst who actually admits someone isn’t true.


I agree this is absurd. I wish republicans would hold the president to the same standard they hold CNN reporters to.


He’s clearly being facetious, what happened to Conservatives not taking everything seriously? You’re defending that position in real time in another thread while clutching your pearls over this “vicious” lie? :joy:


He takes his cue from his lowlife elected Democrat cohorts in fake news crime. From what I hear and from the various clips I’ve seen of Schiff’ he did the same thing on the floor of he Senate chamber the MSM and Dems are clearly colluding with each other to effect the 2020 election.

You are doing exactly what you are chastising Dems for. Congrats!


You will have a chance to fire the president in November. Should this reporter be fired?

You will have a chance to fire the president in November. Should this reporter be fired?

As soon as I saw Lockhart’s tweet I knew a) it was facetious (he made another tweet minutes later confirming such) and b) Trump supporters would lose their minds over it.

It’s why I and others scolded the ever-living ■■■■ out of him for doing it in the first place…because in this current climate, you can’t do ■■■■ like this.

You should check out the tweet thread. Lockhart was raked over the coals for doing it…mostly by his friends.


Can’t Trump supporters take a joke?
This guy was joking.


This lowlife lib journalist needs to be made to understand that until he wins the White House in the Greatest Landslide in US Election History and takes the oath in front of the Largest Inauguration Crowd in US History he’s going to be held to a higher standard of truthiness.


Republicans can’t complain about lying. That’s the rule.


The difference here.

When Lockhart did this, his own supporters called him out for it.

When Trump lies, many of his supporters are either completely silent or else share and spread the lie.

The other difference, of course, is that Lockhart admitted what he was doing. The next time Trump does that will be the first time he does it.


Sure they can, because it’s only lying when it’s (D)eception.

" If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up ■■■■■■ creek." Fortunately, half of what Schiff says isn’t true. He makes up what other people say, too.

Reposted for its accuracy. Well said.


You will have a chance to fire the president in November. Should this reporter be fired?

Analysts offer opinion, not news. He’s an analyst just like our distinguished host… offering opinions.

An opinion you disagree with is not fake news and it certainly is no basis for this much pearl clutching.

Be specific… what is he lying about?

I didn’t use the term “lie”, why did you? I said they were falsely quoting people, that what they were reporting as other peoples conversations were not actually other people’s conversations.
Why cant they even drop mocking and stick to the truth, on even something as serious as overturning the results of an election?