Yet another democratic lie exposed

"The economy isn’t working for everybody"

The stats say otherwise. It appears that the bottom 25 percent of wage earners are experiencing a boom. You know who isn’t experiencing a boom? Those who did not do a thing to prepare for life. The ones who don’t want to work or did not bother to develop a skill valuable to employers. They are being left behind. As they should be. Nobody owes them anything.


minimum skills minimum wage!

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Of course. Why the hell do liberals expect people who have done nothing to prepare for life to be paid as much as a highly skilled welder. Absurd.

Time to bail these people out…

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Thanks to the liberal (progressive) educational policies particularly in the large American cities, students have not been properly prepared for skills necessary in a competitive job market for decades.
Liberals and their failed social engineering scams have accomplished nothing but incarcerate a disproportionate number of minority males and lure minority females into being married to the goobermint.

People must choose for themselves what they want to do for a career. And develop a plan to get there. Those who did not prepare, will be paid far less than those who did.

“If you fail to plan , you are planning to fail !” ~ Benjamin Franklin


The lie is still being propagated in the media though.

Now the narrative goes like this: "Well, it’s positive news … today … BUT … "

How are the farmers doing?

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Be shussed you!!

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That’s awesome that the economy continues to do well under Trump’s leadership. And I do like that the first quartile is seeing especially good wage growth.

But just to keep it in perspective, the Trump wage growth pales in comparison to wage growth under Clinton for all quartiles.

Not true. Clinton did not set any records. Trump has set several. Black unemployment is lowest is has been in history. Nobody has helped African Americans more than Trump. Do you want more examples?

That’s awesome!

But we were talking about wage growth. If you scroll past the headline in the link you provided, you will see historical wage growth and that Clinton’s far exceeded Trump’s.

It’s right there, in your link. Here it is reproduced for you:

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If you believe that Clinton’s economy was better than Trump’s, you go right ahead. I’m certainly not going to try to stop you.

But. That isn’t even the topic. The democrats are lying about the Trump economy. And that IS the topic.

Clinton’s economy WAS better than Trump’s has been…by pretty much all measures.

It’s not even debatable.

Why do you think the democrats are lying about the Trump economy?

The topic of the thread was wage hikes. It is what you linked to and crowed about in your OP.

I’m agreeing it is good but not as great as wage growth under Clinton. The graph you linked to shows me to be right. Are you saying the source you linked up is in error?

Nope. You are mistaken. Don’t be rude. I know what MY topic is. The topic is democrats lying about the CURRENT economy. Claiming the economy is failing for people on the lower end. It’s never been better for people on the lower end.

This is a current event topic. Not a 20 year old Bill Clinton thread. Understand?

I’m currently studying your source link to find out who, if anybody, is actually lying.

I’m going through the spreadsheet that underlies the graph right now…because I’d like to see what is meant by “population survey and author’s calculations”.

What author? What calculations? What was his methodology?

I’ll let you know what I find.

Let me know what CNN says about the Trump economy while you are at it.