Yes, Israel is quite the state

Won’t let the people who want to deport Israeli citizens run for office.

They would be laughed off as kooks here, but have some following in Israel.

What a shame for a democracy to have people like that living in Israel.

It’s the same as trumps supporters call to send her back.

What does everyone else think.


I have no idea why we even support Israel. Strict gun control, universal healthcare. Just an all around icky place.

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Wait a minute, I’ve been told everyone has a gun in Israel… :joy::joy:

These so called Supreme Court Justices obviously never heard of freedom of speech. In America we allow anyone to run for office. Let the people decide if they want to vote for a racist. If the people want to support a racist in order to defeat a democrat then they should be allowed to do so.

Weren’t those guys part of the last failed coalition that Netenyahu tried to form?

The court ruled that candidates Benzi Gopstein and Baruch Marzel, of the Jewish Power party could not stand, quoting a law barring “incitement to racism” by candidates, according to a court statement late Sunday.

It sounds like the court is upholding their laws. Maybe it’s not the court some should have an objection with?

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Yeah, they do pretty much. But all personal firearms are registered. And to get the permit one has to take a test to prove their competency with said firearm. And they have to do that every year. Plus strict rules on how the gun is stored. And probably a limit on how many they can own, too.

From everything I have read and heard, it’s actually pretty difficult to get personal firearms in Israel. Their reserve forces took weapons home in the past, but that has largely been eliminated…

I think its the Kahanists that people are objecting to.

I think It’s an Israel Supreme Court decision, so it’s entirely up to Israel and it’s no one else’s business if they want to protect Arab and Palestinian Israel citizens because those are the ones these prospective candidates want to deport.

It’s pretty crazy to not even let them get on the ballot. Definitely not the American way.

Duh. That’s the point. No freedom of speech.


If this gets you worked up all the way over here, I can’t wait to hear how riled you’ll get when you find out lib candidates, have proposed free healthcare for illegal aliens…in this country?

So the Israeli government is making it difficult for Jews to get guns? The Israeli government is anti Semitic!

I understand in Germany the government won’t let you run as a NAZI. Problem?

If the leaders of Israel believe that Jews should have a loyalty toward Israel, does that mean they are anti Semitic?

Did that make sense to you? The anti-Semitic charge here in the US is implying that American Jews have loyalty first and foremost to Israel, and not the US. Or that they have split loyalty between the US and Israel.

Your analogy doesn’t make sense for Israeli Jews. You see that, right?

Yup always been a mystery to me to

No. My supposition was that if Israeli leaders believed that American Jews should also have loyalty to Israel, would that be anti Semitic of them to believe that?
And additional loyalty does not necessarily mean it is split or divided, unless say the two countries were in conflict.
And for the record I am not Jewish and I don’t care whether a Jewish person feels a loyalty to Israel or not…that’s their decision.

I don’t have a problem with it. The Israeli political system is much less restrictive than many others we consider friendly countries.