Yes, Israel is quite the state

It’s a mystery to you why the United States supports Israel?

well over and above our other allies such as the United Kingdom

How do we support them “over and above” the United Kingdom?

finical aid and what seems, i say seems, to be a over fanatical focus on the state

Yeah like which Americans really care what the capital of Israel is. Tel Aviv. Jerusalem. Who really cares. Except Muslims and Jews who live in the area.


We provide financial aid to many countries.

Ok thanks for that

Why are you complaining about financial aid to this country in particular?

Saying he called for “sending her back” is fake news.

Most dems fall for it every time…

Go back…sending her back…what’s the difference. Trump and some of his supporters want it to happen.


I think we really need to get over this blind loyalty to Israel. We’ve reached REALLY STUPID points in America regarding this:

I’ve heard of this happening in other places as well.

Why would we REQUIRE someone to suggest they will not boycott a nation run by a corrupt, immoral pharisee like Netanyahu in order for that person to keep their job? It’s really quite problematic.

Since the end of world war 2, United States aid to Israel exceeds every other country.


The majority of republicans approve of the Netanyahu government, the majority of Democrats do not.


But why, Big, do you think American teaches had to sign a pledge saying they wouldn’t boycott Israel in order to keep their job?

Here’s why some Americans don’t like Israel. The incident was some 40 years ago, but it still rankles.

I’m not surprised. Is that a problem? Someone has to be first.

Guilt because of our inaction during the early years of the Holocaust before we got into the war.

Not in blue jersey, only in red Texas which is kowtowing to the state of Israel.
BDS is a freedom of speech issue.