.........Yay guns!

Tsk, tsk.

Bottom line is our guns are none of the OP’s business and we are keeping them.


What guy?

The OP.

I thought so. That was a cheap, off topic shot. You don’t get to do that. Fix it please.

The TV must be very demanding lately. Suddenly, guns are a big problem again.


It’s really too soon after this tragedy to talk about gun safety. And of course, by tomorrow, it will be too late.

I’m just relieved that in america some idiot who left a loaded gun around for his kids to play with was able to easily buy a gun without a bit of safety training. All that really matters are his second amendment rights. the rest is just the risks that come with living in a free society.

No, it’s not. What about the gun was unsafe?

Did you take driver training and pass a government test to drive?

Are you going to legislate away idiocy?

Gun safety should be covered under the mandated parental training perspective parents must go through prior to applying for a license to have a kid.


I have very little respect for anyone who would rush to a forum like this writing a post like the one you just wrote.

This is a personal tragedy for this family. Someone placed a firearm in a spot where a child could reach it and turned his head for two minutes.

Here you come trying to blame all gun owners and the second amendment…



Couldn’t be all the mass shootings going on, now could it? It’s damn near a daily occurrence.

It certainly couldn’t be the propaganda outlets pushing an agenda, that’s for sure. Well, not to the easily manipulated anyway.



That’s what happens when you give them massive publicity, AKA exactly what they want.


Yea because these nut jobs wouldn’t kill if it wasn’t for that…

It’s always someone else’s fault…

They fairly consistently have something they want people to hear, to pay attention to their complaint. And are usually after publicity. Kind of the whole reason to kill a bunch of random people.

If there were more guns around… someone could have protected that baby.

Or something

Ban swimming pools, kills far more kids.

Funny that you think I want to ban “guns” :rofl: