.........Yay guns!

A father was making lunch for his children in their Baker home Wednesday when the day turned tragic: A gun, recently purchased for protection, somehow landed in the hands of a curious toddler, who pulled the trigger before anyone could intervene.

The child was pronounced dead when medics arrived on the scene, responding to reports of an accidental shooting in a quiet Baker subdivision. He was 3 years old.

Hooray for freedom!

Booo for the dumb dad that let his 3 ear old kill himself!

Guns are awesome! The 2nd amendment rocks!

We don’t need gun owners to be responsible! Frankly, the little kid brought this upon himself.

U S A! U S A!

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Running on emotions…

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Yea for cheering a young child’s death for a political cause. Your so cool.


Tragic, but you’re still not getting a gun ban. Progressives always fall back on collective punishment rather than holding individuals accountable.



Because guns â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  rock!

I don’t want a gun ban.

I do wonder if there’s a negligence case for the parent. Horrible as it might be to prosecute a grieving father, this never should have happened.

Got to agree I just started shooting a bit over a year ago did the training classes and that’s one of the first things you learn about how to properly store them in safety. If you have a child imho it should never be in reach of a child.

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Ideologues of all stripes on this website using tragedy to score political points?

Nah…that NEVER happens on this site…:roll_eyes:

Same. I have small nieces and nephews that visit - it was non-negotiable that a gun vault was installed and out of their reach before I ever made a purchase.

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Democrats will use this as a example that a new law making gun manufactures supply a trigger lock with every weapon is needed. The problem is that it will not solve the issue.

They already do.

What do you want? Banning children?


If they do it will be too late. I haven’t bought a gun in many years that didn’t come with a trigger lock or an action lock.

And my point was that even if it comes with locks, it is still up to the gun owner to use them.
This story is bothersome because it appears that the gun owner left a loaded weapon unattended without locks on it and he lost a child. And no matter how many laws are in place to correct that, it will still be a problem. Many years ago I read a article that said that in all of the states there are 250 gun laws that are not being enforced. To me, that is the first place to start. Are they valid? Then why aren’t they being enforced?

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There aren’t any laws that would prevent something like this beyond negligence.

Also, there’s no effective punishment that can be dished out. The punishment has already been applied unless it can be shown to have been intentional.

I have one with without any of those things. Just load one in the chamber and fire away.

Did you buy it new from a dealer in the last ten years? Every new gun I have purchased in at least that time span, has been equipped with a lock. I have a drawer full of locks.

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Yes. Closer to ten years, but within that time frame.

Not by me so I Call it out. But go ahead justify cheering for it because others have done it.

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