Xi visits Belgrade on 25th anniversary of US bombing of the Chinese embassy

“Twenty-five years ago today, NATO flagrantly bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, killing three Chinese journalist,” Xi said, in a Tuesday article published in Politika, Serbia’s oldest daily newspaper. “That we should never forget,” he added. “We will never allow such tragic history to repeat itself.”
Xi Says China Will ‘Never Forget’ the US Bombing of Its Embassy

The official position of the US government is that the attack on the Chinese embassy was a mistake, and the US government paid China for damages. On the other hand, news reports show evidence that US intentionally targeted the embassy. There was no punishment for officials who were responsible for the targeting.

The effects of the 78-day NATO bombing campaign against Belgrade continue to echo around the world to this day. The NATO attacks without UN approval against Russia’s historic allies in Yugoslavia were deeply unpopular in Russia, but it was supported by the pro-western Yeltsin government. By June 1999, Yeltsin was losing control over the Russian military as shown by the incident at Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Putin became prime minister in August, and Yeltsin was out as president by the end of the year.

Is the bombing of Belgrade a pivotal event in world history?

Or is it just a footnote in glorious western hegemony since the end of the Cold War?

Xinnie the Pooh: Never forget the past!

Also Xinnie the Pooh: Forget Chinese cultural history!


Or Clinton was not satisfied with screwing interns.

Using “Wag the Dog” as a model for screwing whole nations became US policy.

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A clear downgrade from Big Pimpin’ JFK putting supermodels through the wall. :rofl:

We don’t talk about Tianenmen, 1989, or the Cultural Revolution around here! It happened but you don’t talk about it.

Seriously those words are banned on the Chinese internet.

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Well I’ll tell ya what my fellow Americans, I just can’t resist a thick Jewish girl. That was like putting crack in front of a crackhead.

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Communist China has become our role model for censorship / “content moderation”.

Wars to protect western hegemony start by making sure that western intel agencies are able to dominate the politics of the US and its allies.

The children of Belgrade were just the first casualties in a war that affects the whole world.

Seems the whole time they were telling US the russians were messing with our elections, it was our intel people…

Which is why the leftists on this board could never give you an example of russian meddling in the election…

Why we trust the CIA or FBI after they failed to stop 9/11 is beyond me. We lost privacy because they failed. They get more power because they failed. Man, we are stupid…


Has become?

China CCP is precisely what democrats/libs have modeled themselves after. Been saying that for last decade.

Some examples.

You get the picture…and since then I’m totally convinces CCP model is precisely what libs want here…total rule where you need their permission and that depends on your conduct in preserving the state. Their state.


How about we call it the “Blue Dress Bombings…”

The left thinks if they have their fake news chant lies it fools the entire world. No the rest of the world knows what republicans knew. Clinton was lawless. The only people who were fooled were the people who can be fooled all the time = Dem voters.