WSJ: U.S. confident it can prosecute Julian Assange

According to the Wall Street Journal (and picked up by The Hill), Robert Mueller has got Julian Assange in his sites and sources say he is confident he can be gotten now that the new president of Ecuador has soured on him.

Crossing my fingers.

“I love wikileaks”

its so much better with video


Lol Donald is such a sad clown.

I hope that burns him good.

Man, if they scoop him up things will get spicy.

Who hasn’t soured on Assange?

Will Trump shake his hand and thank him when he comes on american soil?

Ok with this.

he will flip for sure.

Trump’s DOJ under Whitaker?

Not gonna happen.

To be honest, Ecuador has soured on his cat.

Folks should be responsible for their pets. Especially when living with someone or in someone else’s place.

I never have. Not during W’s time either when the Left loved him.

Frankly, I long considered that Stephen Coughlin’s briefings, which openly call the intelligence community and policy makers out on their professional malpractice on the matter of Islam and terrorism actually should have been more damaging of vested interest in DC that WikiLeaks ever could be.

That’s because WikiLeaks exposes things about what folks have done where the other exposes them for what they haven’t done in the name of things like political correctness. It’s one thing to be shown the be corrupt, another to be shown to be foolish, negligent or incompetent.

You spoke too soon. :sunglasses:

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I’ll believe it when the reporting originates from a different source other than Rissian media.

His GF.
Too late for what Pamela? Lol

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Malpractice is one joke of an accusation.

So we love the 1st Amendment for Acosta, not for Assange.

Assange is not a US citizen.