WSJ: Army Prepared to Move Col. Vindman and family to a secure location

Monday, Senator Johnson attacked Lt. Col. VIndman as a part of “The Deep State.” This follows unsubstantiated claims on Laura Ingraham’s show that Lt. Col. Vindman is a Ukrainian spy

Ben Pershing of the Wall Street Journal is reporting the army has set up plans to move this officer and his family to an army base to assure their safety.

Good to see American institutions standing up to protect citizens from this campaign of witness intimidation.

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Is it because the people he worked with didn’t trust him or is it because no one cares about his opinion?

Which one?

This guy is awful jumpy, that raises a red flag for me.

Someone should tell him lying is not a capitol offense in USA.


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No one cares what he says.

The smear campaign against him says other wise.


Given that he is a serving officer in the Army and the Army is discussing his safety, I don’t see how you reach the conclusion that people he worked with don’t trust him.

Donald Trump Jr’s tweet today shows that he cares intensely.


It’s already been made clears people he worked with question him.

If the Army hierarchy is concerned, I respect their opinion.

Whether you chose to respect the Army is your call.

Care to cite an actual example or is making a general unsupported accusation sufficient for you.

A serving officer in the Army scared of…

A death threat may not respect the uniform.

Pretty crazy to assume anything before the public testimony was even presented.


A Warrior afraid of…

There statements were released last week… so why are you saying testimony has not been presented in public?

It isn’t very impressive when said aloud.


Gossip girl fluff.

Maybe he is confused and thinks he is testifying against a Clinton?


As long as the Army is taking this seriously your are free to make jokes about the matter.

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Let’s remember one thing about Warriors. ON the battle field they don’t have to worry about any harm coming to their families…but at home…they sure do. Let us not forget the security that warrior Lt. Col. Oliver North had to live behind after he testified…the threats that were made against him. Get over yourself…you know that there are people out there perfectly capable of doing some bad things to this man, or his family simply because they don’t like what he may have to say when he testifies.