WSJ: Army Prepared to Move Col. Vindman and family to a secure location

We have heard from the Whistleblower’s attorney that death threats have been made against the Whistleblower. If credible threats have been made against Lt. Col Vindman and his family the prudent course would be to investigate, not to publicize.

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METT-TC dependent.

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No, Timothy Morrison said

Read the transcript.

And not coming across as credible.

You have?

Maybe to you …

Everybody has that is interested. It has been read on the air as well.

So you haven’t. Thanks.

Maybe to most that aren’t left wing biased.

Read the transcript.

Might be a good idea to quarantine him until we find out why the Ukraine wanted him to be Defense minister.


Read the transcript.

You believe Al Green do you? :grin:

Yes please do. Jailing him because he said bad things about the Cheeto god wont backfire or anything.

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The drama of the fake news is hilarious… No one is watching the hearings.

Around 14 million viewers watched the past hearings.

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Total for all channels… and dropping. And many people switch stations and everytime they do that’s a view…

You think Patton would have hid on a base?

After he testified? He built a fence because he was fighting terrorists. Come on man.

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