Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


How many years have I been promoting the building of a southern border wall to fix this problem? If we had followed my suggestion, there wouldn’t be children being separated from their parents. All those who have fought against the solution, now own this problem and that includes the OP…


I think when Donald Trump is dead and gone they’re going to be tons of books written about him exposing some nasty nasty stuff. People are just afraid to write those books while he’s living. And they’re probably under NDA. Some of those books may come from his own family.

Obama, on the other hand, is a respectful man that no one has to worry about leaving their kids around.

That’s the difference between the most recent Republican and Democratic presidents.


Let’s dig deeper, shall we? We haven’t had a border walk for the last 50 years. Have children been separated from their families and some even put in cages over the last 50 years? No? So logically one can’t say the lack of the wall caused our current child separation.

It was a conscious choice by the Trump administration to start separation children from their parents. No law is forcing them to do it. Trump could choose to enforce border laws like every other President but he chose to add this twist.

You need to stop trying to spread the blame and just accept who chose to start that policy. It wasn’t Reagan. It wasn’t either Bush. It wasn’t Clinton. It wasn’t Obama. It was Trump. Have the intellectual honesty to admit that.


Why don’t we start with you recognizing that we still have a problem. After all of those administrations you just listed, we still have a problem. Why is this so difficult to understand? What ever way that was being tried in the past to fix it, didn’t/isn’t/won’t work. Let’s all agree now to build a wall.


Agreed. Still have a problem. A wall is a potential solution under debate.

Has nothing to do with the choice by this administration, that no other administration has chosen, to separate kids from their parents. Trump owns that policy even if you want to try and blame others for it.

At least you are ashamed of his policy to separate kids from their families. That’s progress.


In my personal life, I work hard for children. They are innocent and I want nothing but the best outcomes for them. I don’t like wasting time though and that’s what’s been done regarding illegal immigration for decades. Now…I’m done talking about it. I’m pulling the lever for a wall…NOW.


Holy crap someone actually said that they would leave their daughter alone with Trump.


Two people???!!!


Oh for the love of God.


So, get off your arse, round up your “build a wall” buddies, raise money for materials, and donate your time to go build it yourselves. Like Habitat For Humanity does, except for the wall.


I do. I’ve paid over a million dollars in taxes in just the past 5 years. Now if politicians would heed the opinion of those that are cutting the checks, this problem would be solved.


Think how bizarre it is that even Trumplicans wouldn’t leave their daughters alone with their hero, but they trust him to run the country.





No child should be left alone with Dumpster Donnie, only because he’s a vulgar, vile excuse for a human being.


They aren’t going to fund for the wall with taxes. What’s that saying…if you want to do something right - do it yourself.

Now quit whining on a message board and get moving. No excuse.


Alright…I’m outta here to go stimulate the economy and solve problems here locally.

Who knows…maybe Gowdy and Nunes will actually use their Congressional oversight authority to finally reel those who work for the taxpayers back in or fire them? That would be a huge step to putting things back in order and then, maybe we can get all the funding for this wall passed too?


The irony is you are being lectured by one who doesn’t work if memory serves me right. :rofl:


A better question would be would one leave their daughters alone with Trump or with leftists?

I certainly wouldn’t leave any of my 3 wonderful daughters alone with the leftists.


I work, just not for wages.


Right. :grin: