Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


I thought Mexico was paying for the wall, what the hell happened?


They are. Trump is holding Mexican children hostage to get the Dems to pay for the wall.

(Tbh, most of those kids are not from Mexico, but any Central American country will work)


And we now know which 3 posters don’t have a daughter


…sounds like you’re just giving lip service.


Why would I take a job away from someone else who might need the money, when we don’t need a second income?

My time is better spent volunteering.


Yep. She could kick his flabby old ass.

And would love the opportunity to do so.


If lip service is working on immigrant resettlement, helping low income students get into college, and working with The Resistance, then I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing.


No…that’s not it.


Why don’t you spell it out, then?


I don’t kneed to.


If I had a daughter, I seriously doubt she would be palatable for his base. You know, the whole black and brown thing. LOL!
However, we know how many of these men if given the opportunity would sneak under the cover of night and come to the hood like they use to come down to the slave quarters pre-emancipation proclamation. So I’m 50/50 if she would be okay or not. I would hope she kick him rass and make fun of his girly hands. LOL!


Awww…you’re afraid to. SAD!


Sure… But not with Biden. They have vids of him abusing little girls .


Which one of the two has been accused of rape by a minor?


No one should be alone with him, that’s when his face opens up and the alien queen plants her seed.


Bill Clinton…


Choice was A or B and you chose the non-existent C. LOL.


When you’re this defensive, I know we’ve communicated.


Is a perverted scumbag just like Trump. Your point?


no. Absolutely not.

Trump may have some personality flaws but he does not deserve the haranguing lib-soaked castigation my daughter would give him.