Would You Hire an Applicant from a Woke School?

A lot of our emails go externally to customers and clients so why take the risk of pissing someone off.

Sending comms of use and being professional is the most important thing, not an attempt to be cute or inspire someone.

But he so bwave and cweative to mindlessly prattle on about BL(sometimes)M.

Yeah. :rofl: :rofl:

Ok, external is different.

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It’s the same logic that Harvard used to justify admitting David Hogg. He had a poor academic record and lousy test scores, but he was also a gun control zealot that repeatedly held tantrums for gun confiscation on cable news. Academic boards increasingly value left wing activism over actual intelligence, just as this Stanford case shows.


It’s really not that hard to tell.

Why am I not surprised that Hogg had a poor academic record and lousy test scores.!

I knew he couldn’t be very bright.

Why not hire someone from a woke school ?

I am much more concerned with what they know and their character than where they went to school.

Besides, are we sure that being in said school would not make them anti-woke ? Similar to most ardent anti-communists being those who have lived in communist countries.

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Crit is what they know.