Would you favor religion becoming extinct?


The urge to find and worship God dates back to the first humans who thought God was fire or the sun or the moon etc.
Evolution happens for mental, physical and spiritual.
This urge - religion - cannot extinct itself but people can make the choice reject it.


Exactly. Free will. Free choice. Unless they are forcing it on others or denying othese the ability to practice what ever faith they choose. It’s nobody’s business. The favored, protected religion of the left has trouble with this concept.


Would I favor religion becoming extinct? I’m neutral. If it happened, so be it, would not miss it at all. But I do not desire it.

Some people will always believe in odd things to justify their life thoughts and actions. If religion goes, there will be something else to replace it.


Hitler was a very devoted theist.


That was the whole agreement for tax exempt status for churches. It has nothing to do with rights, just if you sign an agreement, you are bound by it.


Who gets too decide what is odd? My opinion happens to be pretty rock solid in this case. Unless your religion is the source of massive oppression, human rights violations and wars, then it’s nobodies business but yours. Nobody else’s thoughts matter at all. Right now, only one religion is the super bowl champ of atrocities.


Then keep it to yourself.


Every person has to decide for themselves what they think to be odd.

If you believe in actual unicorns, I would find that odd. I see no evidence of any unicorns.

If you believe in actual deities, I find that odd. I see no evidence of any deities.

I bet you share my view of unicorn belief, no?


Nope. Not a requirement. We are not free to force religion on anybody. And you are not free to not hear about religion from time to time either. Life is hard.


And it is also nice that we are able to mock religion without the religious police coming to hang you.


Yep. I have no problem with mocking religion. As long as you have the guts to mock all of them. There is one particular religion that has been declared off limits.


I am Catholic.


Thanks. That’s what I thought.


Religion is ok.

Religious zealotry is not ok.


Which one is that? Zoroastrianism?


I’m not even interested enough to google that one. :smirk:


American Dad spent a whole episode lampooning Saudi Arabia and Islam.


Then you can’t tell me its none of my business if your making it my business.


This is one of the stupidest analogies I have ever read. :joy: :joy: :rofl:


I’m not making it your business. And you are not being religiously harassed either so simma down.