Would you favor religion becoming extinct?

Some believe that religion is the cause of war, dissension in family and communities, and should be either hidden away or eliminated. What reasons do you give for your position?

Man made or evolutionary organized religions should have never become involved with social issues, should have stuck with spiritual/personal. Social evolves and changes, religious dogmas are written in stone and do not, so if one reorganizes, so must the other.
True religion cannot become extinct regardless of how we think about it.

Don’t know about extinct but I wouldn’t mind seeing a brighter line of separation between organized religion and politics in America.

Yes. All religion does at this point of society is divide us and cause strife. And institutions like the catholic church and its millennia of horrible acts to non believers and children show just how evil and corrupt religion can become when it gets too big and powerful.

But I know we can never actually get rid of religion because too many people have an innate need to believe something exists after death rather than face the reality of the big empty nothingness.

Yep it should.

What kinds of social issues do you mean? Also, how are you defining personal?

Religion is a lot about how to get along with your neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues at work–and these all involve social interactions. One cannot keep “Go the extra mile” or “love one’s fellow man as yourself” personal. It means becoming involved with interpersonal relationships.

Which specific issues would you like to see the brighter line of separation between religion and politics?

In the year 7000, human beings will be calling the 20th and21st century the dark ages due to constant religious fighting.


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Using that criteria would mean eliminating uncles, stepfathers, teachers, and doctors–all of whom have a higher instance of horrible acts against children than do priests, ministers, and rabbis. The rate for even the greatest offenders (family members) is still under ten percent of the population if I am recalling correctly.

Religion is more about how to live this life than about what goes on in the afterlife. People don’t fear death as much as you seem to believe. For example, are you afraid of death? If you answer, ‘no’, that gives you a pretty good indication of how others feel about death as well.

I have found most people of faith are not afraid of death, are not afraid of nothingness–instead, they want to be well prepared for what lies ahead.

What is the main reason for exterminating religion?

Doubtful. The problem is that it is nations who are fighting, not churches, temples, and synagogues. In many places people who go to church are easily able to interact with their fellow townsmen and classmates who are of other faiths–or of no faith at all.

True religion is a search for ideals, values. Its a personal relationship with our maker.
We practice the Golden Rule without political rules and regulations.
When we practice the Golden Rule we grow as individuals and the people in our lives that we contact are impacted by this. Nothing to do with bake sales. This translates into politics as personal responsibility, ethics, morals etc - which is on the decline today.
Our founders were aware of the need for the separation of church and state.
However, no matter what state organized religions are in today, we would not have civilization without them.
As the secular becomes more dominant, civilization tends to devolve.

Tell that to the people of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The town is STILL split to this day.


The elimination of endorsing candidates from the pulpit would be a good start.

In the year 7,000, the roaches will rule and there will be no evidence other than a scrap iron than mankind ever existed.

While I wouldn’t mind if religion became extinct, I don’t favor any measures to force the issue.

It causes more problems than it solves.

If more people studied the religions of the world and focused on their similarities as opposed to their differences there would be less division.
But separation of church and state don’t mean separation of man and God. The idea of the former is all about institutions, not relationships.

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Mao and Stalin are arguably the biggest mass killers in history, and both were militant atheists who attempted to end any organized religion. They almost certainly killed more people than all the religious wars combined in recorded history.

Freedom of religion and respect for religious beliefs are necessary for a civil society.

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