Would you favor religion becoming extinct?


Agreed. That sort of thing never ends well, and in fact only entrenches religious fanaticism.


Tell that to Protestants and Catholics.

Tell that to Shia and Sunni.

There’s violence even within individual religions, because people can’t agree on what is orthodoxy/orthopraxy and heresy.


The Amish split off from the Mennonites because Jacob Ammon believed the Mennonites to be too extravagant. :sunglasses:

When all is said and done, there is no pleasing anyone. :smile:


And there will always be someone ready to marginalize/condemn to hell/burn you at the stake for not believing exactly as they do. :wink:


I tend to agree with this. However, I would not rule out bake sales, especially if the intent is to raise money to aid in a worthy cause.


Would you agree the news media and Hollywood should also be eliminated from endorsing candidates from their pulpits?


The moment they become tax exempt, yes.


In what way? For example, it seems to be pretty good with personal growth.


Yet instead of eliminating religions, this points to the next step religions can take to evolve into something better.


Never gonna happen.


What do taxes have to do with the price of tea in China? Just because some organizations fall Constitutionally under no taxes, does not mean they must surrender their rights as citizens of this country. If people had to pay taxes in order to express their opinions on candidates, that would immediately eliminate the League of Women Voters as well.


Hasn’t it already occurred in the US in any number of denominations and faiths?


The LWV does not endorse candidates.


How would determine if religions had “evolved into something better?”


I’ve never heard a Catholic priest make any endorsement, either. We are to prayerfully consider candidates.


Taxes have everything to do with it, and we agree to disagree. Organization are entities that are not citizens, and they do not have citizens’ rights. Organized religions are spared billions they might have owed each year in taxes, ostensibly to avoid government entanglement and undue influence. That goes both ways.


They do take positions on ballot issues.


You just erected another one of your straw men.



10 non sequiturs


In the United States, Catholics and Protestants, Christians and Jews, Jews and Muslim co-exist peacefully. Isn’t that better than what was happening in Europe during the Middle Ages?