Would you favor religion becoming extinct?




Isn’t it difficult to extinct something man-made? IMO, religion has caused more strife world-wide than anything else. It’s all about “my god is better than yours,” or “my religion is better than yours.”


Man cannot exist without some form of “religion.”


In the study of history and wars, we see that strife is caused by the desire for wealth and power. Those who are greedy in this regard will use religion, mom, country, and apple pie to pit the masses against each other.

Religion can be easily used to manipulate simply because, like mom, it is deeply personal. The problem is identifying and weeding out the wolves. The solution for wolves devouring sheep is not to eliminate all sheep.


No, religion isn’t to blame for war. People are to blame for war, religion is just an excuse.

I’m not a religious man - I’m Jewish, but I was raised by atheists. My grandfather wrote his own haggadah, complete with possible scientific explanations for every miracle (the rivers “turned to blood” because red clay silt was roiled up in the waters due to heavy rains, Moses saw a burning bush because he was on mushrooms, locusts swarm every x number of years, etc), and my grandmother would serve a ham for Passover seder.

I hold no hatred towards those who are religious. I have many, many friends whose beliefs are important parts of their lives, and give them solace and comfort. Some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life were people of the cloth, and I’ve learned more from them than I could possibly describe.

It’s not for me, but religion is not a bad thing. Where the rubber meets the road, it’s more of a positive influence in the world than a negative.


If there was no religion, people would still come up with reasons to kill each other.


Its dying a natural death. Science is beginning to eliminate the need for religion. It’s about time.


I don’t know if that’s true.


I don’t know if that’s true, either.


I like your grandfather! There are any number of Jewish rabbis (and others) who present natural explanations for events described in the Bible. A possible candidate for the burning bush may have been lights that sometimes occur along earthquake faults. I don’t know all the science behind this this, but the lights might have caused a bush to look like it was burning. (An alternate explanation for Moses having hallucinations.)


Is science is eliminating the need for moral law and the ideal of loving one another? Religion is not about a young earth with a six day creation.


Religion was originally created to explain the unknown and ease the fear of death. The unknown is becoming less everyday, although I agree weak minded people will continue to cling to the thought of an afterlife to decrease the fear of death.


I’m an atheist who doesn’t break the law and contribute to needy vets regularly. I don’t need religion to make me act right.


Many disagree with this assessment. Religion is more about interpersonal relationships and how we should act towards our fellow humans. Note that the Bible (particularly the Old Testament) does not give all that much emphasis to death. It focuses on loving God because He is holy and loving our fellow man.

Are you afraid of death? If you are not, then why jump to the conclusion this is something unique about you? I am in the midst of both atheists and people of faith. Neither seem particularly concerned (let alone fearful) of death.


Religion often makes people disconnect themselves from common sense and decency. It also creates tremendous vulnerability for many people.

While there are some positives: I do understand the need for something to cling to when times are really tough, I do believe that on the whole, religion has a more negative effect in this world than positive.

Religion is used all too often as a way to elevate one’s self over others—even when those on a religious pedalstool are raging hypocrites.


Ever read any self-help books? :slight_smile:


It should stay out of politics and political campaigns, and focus on the very noble pursuits you mentioned.


…and the notion of “god” is ludicrous.

There are lots and lots and lots of religions in this world…and it’s much more likely that NONE of them are right than that any one religion is correct.


That sounds like a recommendation that people of faith should fiddle while Rome burns. Do you believe recommendations from religious people truly effect elections?


Exactly. There are many sources of nutrition in this world and it’s likely none of them are more right than another. We should no more give up all food than all religion for that reason.