Would you favor religion becoming extinct?


You are if your not keeping to yourself.


I am keeping it to myself. I promise. I won’t press you about any of your religious beliefs. You are in a religion safe zone here. It’s nobody’s business but yours. There. We’re getting along.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Funny, had it not been for Constantine the Great, that’s the religion you’d probably be practicing right now.


Can you give an example? Zeal is an ardent or active devotion. When does this cross the line for you?


What gave me away? :blush:


Just a hunch.

There’s something about old religions.


Or perhaps old people. :sunny:


Well, that too.

People truly comfortable in themselves and their faith tend to be more open minded and less judgemental. I see that more in old religions (and older people).


I concur………


People “truly comfortable in themselves” tend to be introspective and well-grounded in what really matters to all people, not just to themselves. To me, the terms “less judgmental” and “religious” often don’t apply to the same person…


Anything from boys and girls for Jesus pounding on my front door interrupting my day with their wanting to to tell me I am a sinner and as such they want to force their religion on me; all the way up to religious zealots flying planes into our buildings thus negatively changing everyone’s lives here forever.


I live out in the backwoods and have always lived on a large section of land deliberately out of sight of the road. Generally that has worked at keeping the riff raff away but not always. :smile:

Quite a few years ago, when I still had the kids at home, I was out doing stuff on a Saturday morning when my son points at the driveway. I see two young white shirted figures coming our way. Very interesting, since the main gate was shut and locked, it was posted to the hilt with No Trespassing signs and I was neither expecting nor had invited anybody over that day.

So my son and I grab rifles, sling them over our shoulders and approach the two, while my daughter calls the local borough police (who at the time also provided services on request in our township) to come meet us. The Mormons start to babble out something but I tell them to shut up, turn around and start walking. After we get to the gate and in the presence of the police officer, I have them explain what the **** they were doing on my property. They admitted they had actually climbed over the gate. In the end, they were trespassed from my property and given a general warning by the police that if they were caught violating posted private property again, they would be arrested. They got in their car and left.

But they learned that just because they are on a “mission from God” that they can’t just blow through posted private property. :smile:

They might have learned it a harder way at some other places around here, several of which have bad dogs on patrol. :smile:


I wouldn’t expect people who believe they are on a mission from God to be stopped by “No Trespassing” signs.


I’d prefer that people dont cling to fairy tails and that humanity works towards building a language in which we are unified and able to travel both quantum space and classical space. Extinct though? That’s kind of extreme, but sure. Not by force though but by understanding. Religion and theism isnt necessary for morality.



The Blues Brothers were on a mission from God.

White shirted boys for Jesus are just flat out a royal pain in the posterior.


“White shirted boys for Jesus are just flat out a royal pain in the posterior.”

Agreed. But as someone who doesn’t want to see religion go away, I don’t want to see these peoples’ rights to win hearts & mind taken. IMO They’re not doing what they do to hurt anyone.

While watching an episode of “Deadly Devotion” one night, it was about one family member’s devotion to the Mormon Church.

Someone who answered revealed she had been shunned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after a rape (a particular part of Deuteronomy states if she not cry out, she must have consented). This man was horrified trying to win converts, ironically walking away.


No I really don’t, because I can see first hand what it is being replaced with "Political Religion and Identity Politics. Call me a sexist but I would rather be in a land of hot Catholic-protestant girls, then among the blue haired blobs that are running around in non religious places like Portland. Portland is a good example of what happens when religion dies, no thanks.


Would you agree that people want both a purpose in their lives, and a place to belong? Removing religion from society has people searching for another purpose and another place. People of faith tend to place their faith above government. Remove that higher rung, and it is not unreasonable to find people looking for purpose and a place to belong in a group that has something to do with governance.


The Democratic Politicians seem to be great at trying to destroy Religion in this country.

I wouldn’t be in favor for religion become extinct, and think that it would be
ridiculous to try and get rid of it, even though Socialism seems to want to.


I would favor religion in this country not being weaponized by politicians and people in power as a tool to oppress and control.