Would Trump order US Military

Help Europe stop Russia’s military moving westward or would he let the Rooskies tanks roll?

It depends on which country, and whether they’ve paid their dues to NATO properly.

Good point!

Made sense for us to protect them when they were small and weak individual countries, now they have a comparable GDP to our own in the EU, let them buy their own tanks.

They’ve always needed us more than we needed them. Lets take care of our affairs at home. Europe is not America.

“Some of my people have come to me and said they were Russian tanks. Secretary Mattis. Others. Some European leaders. But President Putin says that they are not Russian tanks, and I don’t see why they would be.”


Who are you really going to trust? Trump is more trustworthy than Secretary Mattis could ever pray to be.

So you Trumpist do not want America to lead anymore! Noted…

Reacting to a Russian invasion wouldn’t be leading, it would be reacting. And if the EU thinks Russia is their enemy they have a strange way of showing it. Being their biggest trading partner and all.

I highly doubt Russia would occupy land in eastern Europe. Their history is not of expansion. There’s nothing to fear if you’re a European country.

Did the Soviet Union consist of one country, Russia?

They didn’t teach me that in school.

Pretty silly premise. We are bound by Treaty to defend Western Europe.

“Look, both sides are at fault, but I will say that Putin was extremely powerful and vigorously strong and tremendously sexy when he came out and said those weren’t Russian troops, and I have no reason to doubt that. And in addition, hey - he has offered to join us in investigating whether they were in fact Russian troops, and I think that’s very strong and powerful and, I don’t know, the hottest thing in the history of probably ever.”

Right? I mean, ■■■■ - look at Germany. Those are some scary ■■■■■■■■ And we’re supposed to trust them? I mean, wasn’t Russia our ally in WWII? Show a little love to our Slavic bros, people.

Only if they are part of NATO if not (Ukarine) sorry about your luck.

I have been saying that for years, but no one would heed me, especially the American Eurotrash wannabes.

Well, being honest, Russia was Hitlers ally before Hitler stuck a shiv in their back.

Right? Filthy Germans. The Russians are big snuggle bugs. I mean, the bear is their mascot - who doesn’t love hugging on a cuddly teddy bear?

Treaty or no Treaty, I’m guessing no he would not order the tanks to defend NATO countries!