Women's body rights

If abortion is a woman’s right to control her body, should prostitution for women be legalized?

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Why just women? And it is legal in Vegas.

I don’t have any issue with legalizing prostitution as long as workers are certified to be free of disease.

Just women because that’s what they’re saying to protect the right of abortion. They say that the father has no rights to the baby because it’s in the woman and only she has that right to make that decision.

Yeah but in the case of prostitution it’s people controlling their own bodies.

So let’s go for it! Make it legal!

Welcone to the boards. How interesting that this is the first topic you chose to talk about…

I think fathers should have rights also but it’s a messy situation if the woman does not want to give birth.

If you’re asking abortion advocates, you’re asking the wrong people. You can expect support for legalized prostitution from almost all of them.

And why not?

If it was legal and a matter of choice, women wouldn’t be exploited by their pimps.

Since prostitution is not going away, why not make it legal?

Of course.

Yes, because people should be allowed to do what they want with their body. Nobody should be forced to live by YOUR made-up fantasy religion—especially when so many “religious” people are hypocrites to boot.


If men could get pregnant, they’d be much more in favor of abortion.


I was just curious how people are thinking. If it’s about rights to control what anyone does with their bodies, then why is prostitution illegal in all but one town in the entire United States. I bring up the topic because it’s NOT about women’s rights, it’s about what’s moral and immoral, and I’m just using prostitution as an example of another bodily right that’s for the most part illegal everywhere, but killing babies is somehow ok.


You need to fix your post- you have me saying something the original poster said.


But I just told you it should be legal. So get out there and advocate for it!

And…wait…if it’s about moral v immoral, are you saying prostitution should be looked at as moral?

Actually, it’s not legal in Clark Country, which is where Vegas is. But plenty of other counties allow it.

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I’m asking if killing a unborn child is ok and legal, why is having sex with someone for money illegal. Both are immoral as I see it.


Because it affects fewer women so the groundswell of support to make it legal hasn’t built up yet.

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Good thing we have the freedom in this country to NOT have to follow your religion.

What religion? Has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with right and wrong. Libs were so concerned about children being detained at the border and said it was so inhumane, but killing a child is fine?

When government is forcing women to have abortions when they want to keep the children then your argument will be equal.

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