Woman’s World Cup 2019

Are you rooting for Megan Rapinoe and her fellow American players?


She disrespected the flag! The hell with her.!

It’s 2019, Allan.

She stood at attention. That’s what I do when the a country’s anthem is played.


And of course I’m rooting for them. They’re the best.



It was more of a poke than critique. :slight_smile:

You would think I would know what year it was…lol


Good tournament so far.

Surprises of the tournament? Netherlands, Norway and Italy.

Disappointment of the tournament? Australia. Japan was meh.

But she didnt put her hand over her heart and she didnt mouth the words. She is an anti american!

Americans still revolting against the monarchy centuries later. USA 2, England 1 and we move on to the final.

A sports team inspiring national pride at a time when our elected officials inspire little more than embarrassment and contempt. :us:

I read on Yahoo a bunch of comments posted about how they hoped England would win just to spite Rapinoe.

I have no doubt if they lose the final match some Americans will gloat, with Donald at the head of the line.

Go America kick some butt

Only fools and the stupid root against their own country.


I’m watching the Copa America semi between Chili and Peru, and after watching the Woman’s WC for the last week, I forgot show fast the men’s game is. :wink:

Yeah, the men are different. But I think the women’s game is usually a more honest game. The guys are often drama queens and it ruins the excitement.

And Megan delivers in her last World Cup.:grin:


Congrats to the US Women’s team.

You do your country proud

Congratulations USA! Was it ever really in doubt? Still - a fantastic accomplishment. Something that transcends party and ideology.