Woman kills 3 at Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland, officials say

She shot and killed 3 people. There were 1,000 employees there.

This marks the third mass shooting in the country in the span of a day.

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WOW that is a sad situation

Getting too close to home. I live in Harford County.


Towson here . My daughter was in school last year when LochRaven High was on lock down over the pellet gun. Never cool and such a helpless feeling as a parent

I remember. At least I don’t have kids to worry about.

Any suspected motivations? Female shooters are more the exception than the rule.

It’s a terrible situation to be sure, but it is not a mass shooting. Calling it so is like calling the drug deal gone bad on the school playground at midnight a school shooting.

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Disgruntled former employee is all they have said so far.

“7 shot, 3 killed, suspect dead in Harford County shooting”

Yes it is a mass shooting.

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And a black woman. Extremely rare. First one I’ve heard of.

You and me both.

^ Ignorance on display.

NRA is doing a good job of spreading the good word.

Congrats to your side!

We need more guns!

Need more guns so when someone goes nuts they can make a case for why need more guns to protect ourselves from nuts with guns.

Thoughts and prayers and give more money to the NRA!

^ Trolling on display.

I mean…since this is in the political column, eh? If she votes D then in your crib, libs are bad?

The term “mass shooting” is poorly defined, though. The FBI doesn’t even use that term, they use “active shooter” in which

‘an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area."

Some people say its 4 deaths to make it a mass shooting, and some say 4 injuries. Neither definition is settled, though.

Most of the hair splitting is pointless though, gun control advocates favor a lax definition and gun advocates favor a more strict one.

Dem won’t run on ending your 2nd A rights, but we know they will at the drop of a hat. They lie to get elected.

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