Woman Arrested For Painting DNC Office: Wanted to scare the Jews

Bad stuff at that link. Don’t click it unless you wanna see hate.

“The offense is listed as “Act of Terrorism F (Intimidation).” The Norman Police Department clarified on social media that Johnson faces a charge of making Terrorist Threats. Bond was set at $25,000. As of April 8, Johnson remained behind bars.”

Originally a bunch of Republicans said this was an inside job. It appears they were wrong. Also, here’s a few things she spray painted…

Trump 2020
Gas the Jews
Hang black kids

The liberal Trojan horses are really starting to pile up.

In all seriousness though, glad they caught the person responsible, even if it’s sad we are still seeing ugliness like this in 2019.

Holy heck… Disgusting

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When you said something about scaring the Jewish people, I thought
you were talking about ilhan Omar.

Anti-Semitism is bad no matter who is doing it.
But I’m guessing that this is a thread to try and take the heat off the fact that
ilhan Omar is a anti-Semite.


Complain about deflecting while deflecting. Perfect.


One would think that a ton of posters would denounce this woman.

Sorry, not my job to seek out every mention of mental cases spray painting racist garbage on the internet and denounce them. Now that I have seen this one I have no problem denouncing her, denounce, denounce, denounce, there, I said it three times, happy?

Hogwash if this was a dumbass liberal who did this you would be calling for Dems to denounce this… You are better than that

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Umm, no I wouldn’t. I hold liberals responsible for their own actions, not the actions of mental patients who may also happen to be liberal.

Thats not what your posting history details but we will see moving forward

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Feel free to back that up and show a post of mine calling on all liberals to denounce the acts of a liberal nut.

The old boards are gone

Obviously a deranged meth head out of a trailer park. That article does not match the pictures. It says “gas Arabs” and she apparently has a problem with Chinese people as well as the Jewish people.

Lock her up!

Well then…

The new boards have been up quite a while. I share the same opinion as that expressed by the democratic party in the article, both now and always. Namely

from Allison Christine Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

we still believe that hatred, bigotry, and criminal behavior are non-partisan issues. We do not believe the Republican Party is to blame for the actions of a single individual, and we sincerely appreciate the support and messages of solidarity we have received from friends across the aisle.”

Just goes to show they’re taking the high road.

Good on them.

Yea never found the need to be on hate sites to find things to denounce. I guess it is a way to deal with their guilt.

Work on your reading comprehension and or stop deflecting ?

Such blind hatred. I fail to understand what makes these Low Information types tick

Since President Trump is not anti-Semitic or anti-Israel there is something obviously wrong with this woman and those who keep harping on this ridiculous accusation! We now have the USA embassy in Jerusalem and President Trump has a Jewish son-in-law & 3 Jewish grandchildren so the “Trump 2020” scrawl should be a “clue” to clear thinking that’s something is not right here! JMO