Woke - Is The Pushback Beginning?

You bring up King as an invocation to lend nobility to CRT.

You weren’t born in 1968. Oppression is not your truth, liberalism is your truth. You have never known The Promise Unfulfilled and neither has Patrisse, Crenshaw, Delgado nor any of the rest of them.

Jim Crow, redlining, etc held some people back, you and the current activists, enablers and supporters are not among them.

I understand the fear and recognize the validity of it.


Funny statement as we begin to celebrate an event that impacts us all from 1776.

Since no one alive today was around then… including you. It isn’t your truth either.

No, it’s not my truth. I wasn’t oppressed by the english. I’m just enjoying my 3 day weekend.

With the liberalism they gave me.

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Do you seriously think subjective data coming from Facebook and Twitter post can be applied to the overall population?

You can enjoy this weekend thanks to what our founders did… 200 years ago. No impact at all, right?

No. I can enjoy it because I, as an individual, choose to. Liberalism.

Truth be told, I don’t think much of most of the country.

Oh and by the way…

The notion of “getting woke” (or staying woke) is defined as being acutely aware of racial and social injustice—not just awareness and acknowledgement of isolated incidents, but awareness from a position of understanding systemic and institutional racism. … The notion of getting woke encapsulates the first stage of becoming an accomplice in addressing the system of racism… White accomplices should strive to be woke enough not to call themselves woke and instead strive to embody this state of being by building with people of color. … Be in a perpetual state of learning and be woke enough to know you are never woke enough.

Roy, Laura A. Teaching While White: Addressing the Intersections of Race and Immigration in the Classroom , 2018, pp. 150–151.

Brought to you by the Declaration of Independence. Thanks founders! Funny how actions taken 240 years ago, can impact us today.


Quote me blaming the english for any lack of success.

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Blaming? They are the reason you can celebrate today. They gave you a head start in this beautiful country. Thank them for what they did for you on this day (well technically not actually this day, but I digress)

By your logic, you should thank white males every day.

Didn’t think that one through, did you.

The truth is you’re done. Now you’re just playing games trying to hide the bailey again. You can’t.

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Here comes…

“At least you aren’t in Africa”

I did think it through. I understand that actions taken 240 years ago impact me today. You are the one that thinks otherwise.

I’m just getting started

Not from me. I’d be surprised if you did.

You feel they do when you don’t get what you want.

No, you’re done for now. You’re starting to get woke. You need to reload talking point defenses.

An opinion piece.

The author

The survey referenced

  • 78 percent would ban racially offensive comments and slurs, while 71 percent would eliminate racially stereotypical costumes. Both are protected by the Constitution.
  • One in four students says campuses should restrict “political views that are upsetting or offensive to certain groups.”

It’s now a familiar pattern, drawn from multiple studies. College students love the idea of freedom of speech, but many want to carve out exceptions.

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Well, since you brought it up … Where would you rather be?

That pretty much covers everything political. :wink:

I’m all for it. College campuses should be devoid of politics and focus only on education. :relieved:


Michelle crossed the line.

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Uh oh

On Wednesday, the Biden administration claimed it was all a mistake.

Sure it was Biden…sure it was.