Woke is the new Cultural revolution. Listen to a Lady who lived through it explain the similarities

Woke is the new Cultural revolution. Listen to a lady who lived through it explain the terrifying similarities.

This is a great interview. And it should scare all rational people.


I think the alphabet mafia and feminists went too far and ruined their chances for a similar revolution in the U.S. Also, guns.

She talks about how the students had no empathy for their victims because they were trained by Marxists at school to think of them as the “Oppressors” that keep poor down and keep communism from being perfect. Thus torturing and killing them was justified. Same mindset that justifies cheating on elections.


No one is being taught that in schools. There is nothing remotely similar to what happened in China happening in the US today.


“And it should scare all rational people” being the tagline for everything Tucker.

Watching some of the interview anyways.


Self victimization is the key here.

There are parallels.

Free speech needs to be the battleground.

Censorship of ANYONE cannot stand.

Full stop.



No there is zero parallel to what China did and the US today.

And in other threads we hear cries of lefties losing it !!!

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Are you suggesting there is no censorship?


Do you approve of the censorship?

There is censorship and that was step one under Mao.


No there is not censorship anywhere similar to what was comparable under Mao. This is an insane conversation.

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Who is doing the censorship?

If it is the government… you and I can agree.

If it’s a private company… the they should be able to have control over their own platform.

No it really isn’t.

It’s step one.

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What we certainly know.


gaslight 003




Parallels? They are modeling Mao.


Twitter was never under any legal compulsion to do anything with the information that the government supplied them.

At no time was Twitter punished for not fulfilling the government’s request.

They were just as free to ignore the CIA or FBI’s request as they were to ignore the Trump White House requesting that they take down Chrissy Teigan calling him a ■■■■■■ ass bitch”

Wrong answer.

It was just as bad at the other tech giants. That is why they continue to enjoy monopoly status.

Tic Toc Biden is even getting paid.

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How is it the wrong answer? Can a governmental body make a take down request without any fear of retribution if they do not? The Trump White House did it… and it wasn’t even for the purpose of weeding out disinformation… it was because Trump didn’t like being called a bad name. I don’t fault the Trump White House for trying… I think that they are free to try as long as there is no penalty for ignoring them.

That is a different conversation. I think that big tech should be broken up…. Not because they are woke… but because they have a hegemony that needs to be eliminated. Like when Facebook can foment a genocide in Myanmar and suffer zero consequences… maybe that is a bad system that needs to be changed.

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