With everything happening, it's time to recognize Juneteenth as a National Holiday

It’s been a LOOOOOOOOONG time Hannity folks.
Remember me? I used to raise a lot of hell and anger on here back when it was Hannity Forums… To a lot of angst and outrage of many :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m alive!! :raised_hands:t6: And it’s good to see a few names already that I recognize. Back in those days I was accused of being a “race baiter” and “making everything about” race… Well… I’d hope the past few weeks have shown us all that there has to be SOME level of truth to the things I was saying, but I digress:

There are very few people in this country that have a history as long as African Americans. We’ve been here far longer than a great many of you whose ancestors immigrated at some point or another. We built the country, we’ve fought in all it’s wars and conflicts, we’ve pushed to make the country stand by the ideals laid out in the Declaration of Independence. The entire landscape of this country would be vastly different if it weren’t for our contributions and sacrifices. How many Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants? (Answer: nearly half) How many of those immigrants would even be here if it weren’t for US pushing for Civil Rights Act of `964, which paved the way for the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965??? This country owes us it’s very soul… and I’m just asking for the bare minimum. Recognize OUR day of freedom.

June 19, 1865 is the day US Army Officer Gordon Granger arrived on the shores of Galveston, TX and announced that we’re free. That day, despite all hypocrisy and ******** this country has introduced to us, set a precedent for everything America would soon be… and we deserve recognition. July 4th is not my holiday, but Juneteenth, July 19th, is… and it’s time we collectively embrace what it’s meant for us and will mean going forward. I mean, MLK received a National Holiday… one man… At what point do we recognize the roots from which he came? Discuss :flushed:


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Welcome back. You were missed.

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I’m for it. :man_shrugging:

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I’m good with it.


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Good to see you all alive and well @AngraMainyu (did you have a Kim Jong Un avatar before you upgraded from Kim Jong-il to Kim Yo-jong?) @SixFoot @SneakySFDude

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Nah, I skipped straight to the future Marshal.

July 4th isn’t your holiday? You’re not American? Or you just say ■■■■ that?


Happy to be recognized. Can’t remember if I was still ALcard the last time I saw you. Hope all is well!

I think the idea in the OP is great! :+1:

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Believe me, I wish it were, but my ancestors were nowhere in consideration on July 4th, 1776. America celebrated nearly 100 Independence Days without them.

Our day is appropriately and respectfully June 19th, 1865. I’d love for you and the rest of the country to celebrate/observe it with us. Shoutouts to Twitter, they get it

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I’m still trying to figure out why July 19 is called Juneteenth.

And you don’t celebrate the 4th at all?

It’s not July 19.

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It’s a portmanteau. We get lazy with the language.

March 2nd, 1836 is my independence day.

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Ok. Was just going off the OP.

Would you consider this the official end of the Civil War?

Before the splainers gain too much traction, this is probably the source:

I would consider it the de facto end of slavery.

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