Wisconsin Department of Justice: Blake admits he had a knife

Blake admitted he had a knife and agents recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Blake’s car according to a new press release from the Wisconsin DOJ:

Joe Biden has already declared that the officers used excessive force and systemic racism was to blame.

. . .yet another Black American is a victim of excessive force.

Is Biden liable for defamation if evidence shows the force was not excessive given the threat to the lives of the police?

Does Biden have any responsibility for the violence that may be a result of his statement?


isn’t he in a coma how can he admit to anything.

Reports are that Blake is partially paralyzed. How could that be diagnosed if he is in a coma?

Are you saying that the DOJ is lying?

Uh oh.

It looks like Biden has been caught fanning the flames of racial strife.

Will he be forced to own up to his responsibility for resulting violence?


That report came from before the new press release.

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Oops, another racist under the bed who isn’t there.

I’m not seeing a time but you could be right.

I’m having a hard time imagining the scenario that had Blake in a hospital bed without lawyers present admitting to things, but I guess we’ll see.

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Here is a press report:

Uhh the force was still excessive.

Uh oh:

With a warrant for his arrest, fighting cops, reaching for a knife.

Way to go, Left.



How is that on the left? Explain…

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Possible violation of a restraining order?

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They’re the ones rioting over that creep.


Blake ignored commands to stop, opened the car door and was reaching where the knife was when he was shot. How is that excessive force?

Does an officer need to bleed to death from a severed artery before police can fire a shot?

His back was turned. 7 shots. Over MAYBE the threat of a knife?

IF the cop actually saw the knife. He could have just backed up, with his gun drawn and gave commands.

I suspect he didn’t see the knife and assumed he was going to grab a gun.

I can’t image an officer with guns drawn, being afraid of a knife and then shooting someone in the back 7 damn times.

Reportedly Mr. Blake told them he had a knife. Is it possible he had it during the scuffle outside the vehicle and it ended up on the floor where they found it?

Maybe, then I would question whether he was reaching for it to use against the officers. He wouldn’t have known it was on the floor prior to seeing it after opening the door

Apparently there was a presser too:

Blake told police he had a knife in an interview following the shooting. It is unclear whether responding officers knew Blake had a knife. Attorney General Josh Kaul in a news conference was asked repeatedly about it and declined to be more specific.