Willard Mitt Romney turns 73 on March 12th - birthday wishes

Who said it’s bad luck to let people know what you are wishing for next before needing to blow out an extra-large candle to the middle on your birthday cake. This tradition can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks who burned candles as offerings to their gods and goddesses. For birthdays, they baked round honey cakes to symbolize the moon and topped them off with candles as a special way to pay tribute to the moon goddess, Artemis.

Hmmm: Romney did say his faith played a huge factor in deciding where to cast his vote.
Ummm: Is Mitt aware for any wish to ultimately come true it’s supposed to be kept a secret?

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I can say something nice to Mitt and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Physically he looks to be in excellent shape. Keep up the fitness regimen. Its working better than your critical thinking center.


I am in your Camp…

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Happy Birthday Senator. Wish you had been elected back in 2012. We’d be a LOT better off right now.

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I know. Mitt should just lose whatever spine he still has and bow down and worship Trump.

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Recognizing a poorly run House process and jumping to WORSHIPPING Trump are not the same.

I know it is a favorite modus operandi…it is still wrong.

Now how about wishing Mitt a Happy Birthday.


Who is it that always stands up with the world’s worst actors? It’s always Russia, typically with China alongside. And so in terms of a geopolitical foe, a nation that’s on the Security Council that has the heft of the Security Council, and is of course is a massive nuclear power, Russia is the geopolitical foe.

  • Mitt Romney, 2012

The House called witnesses, the Senate did not (the first Impeachment trial in US history where the Senate didnt call on witnesses). Trump supporters can whine about a broken House process all day, but they’re still wrong.

The Republican party became the Trump* worship party… and we’ll see in November if that’s what our fellow citizens want for the future of our country.

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Happy Birthday Mitt. I went to three of his rallies in 2012- candidates wear paths thru Ohio. I agree with the poster who said he looks healthy. I don’t wish anyone ill will. Live long Mitt.


Ditto Medicswife2002 on wishing no one ill will. We all should be careful what we wish for. Otherwise, as the saying goes, our wishes might ultimately come true. Maybe Mitt is playing his real wish cards close to the vest?

Romney’s magical underwear will take care of him.
In another 10 years he’ll be wearing a magical diaper.

May a million Camels infest your underwear Mitt!

Curses for making me find then see Guide to Mormon Underwear article.

Why are we making a topic about Romney’s birthday a month in advance?

Yesterday was Valentine’s day right? Wait, how long did I sleep?!


Maybe if he had a backbone against Obama like he does with trump, he could have been president.


This made me laugh. We are suppose to call witnesses because Democrats following Pelosi and schiff think trump is bahhh baahhh bad. Such sheeple

Why not? He was on his hands knees begging trump for money when he ran.

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Not even a single witness? Not one. During a Senate trial? Lol, and you call other people sheeple? Laughable. Trump is the God-emperor to the new Republican party.

If the house did a better job other than showing it to be a partisan attack piece. Kudos to mitch for not allowing democrats to overthrow the voters chosen president.

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