Will you soon need federal permission to drive your car?

So in the democratic post gasoline world how does this work? Say you’re in Detroit and you want to drive your car down to the Gulf of Mexico for vacation. You pile everybody into the car and off you go. Somewhere around Nashville your battery starts dying. And 200,000 other car batteries start dying too. You need to pull over and charge your car for a few hours, but all of the charging stations are full. So what do you do? Wait in line with thousands of other cars until one opens up? Bribe somebody to get to the head of the line? Of course not silly. You let the federal government handle logistics. You apply for a drive permit six months in advance and if there is any availability, you can reserve a charging station. Life is good!

Anybody else see a better way?

drill baby drill!

There’s very few charging stations in Nashville as well so there’s that.

I try to stay out of that town as much as possible but i drive into town occasionally to my dr.

I’m sure there will be a small fee to pay them if you have to cancel, for their trouble. It seems very reasonable to me. Can’t wait!

Ah, finally something I can discuss without talking out my ass:

If the electric car is equipped for level 3 charging, and they can find a level 3 charging station, they could get a full charge in a half hour. Since charging stations of any level are currently way more sparse than gas pumps that family driving from Detroit most likely would’ve looked up charging station locations on an app.

But…he talks about a post gasoline world. In such a world, charging stations will be as common and convenient as gas stations are today. Complete and utter thread fail, of the highest order.


Well that wouldn’t work. Takes five minutes to fill up on gas, and much longer to charge, so if you have the same number, you are way short.


There won’t be a post gasoline world without sufficient charging capability, period. Complete and utter thread fail, of the highest order.


Tow a big gasoline generator behind you to charge up your battery.

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gonna need to burn a lot of coal

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I want some coal. Several tons of Anthracite coal. My prepping is not complete without it.

Coal is now the most expensive source of electricity generation.

Will there be oh, six times the amount of charging stations as there are currently gas pumps?


So in other words, a Prius. :+1:

Who cares? At the risk of repeating myself, there won’t be a post gasoline world without sufficient charging capacity. Also, five minute charging systems are being researched in laboratories and it looks like it will be a reality. Not immediately, but a reality none the less.

Let’s hope so!

Dagnabbit there’s no place to get fuel for these fancy schmancy horseless carriages!

What are all these drivers gonna do when they can’t find a place to get gasoline?

Looks like we are gonna have to stick with these horses and buggies!


Look into producer gas. Burn wood, coal, old clothes, books the woke are offended by … almost anything.


Coal Is World’s Most Expensive Fuel After Oil’s Brutal Collapse - Bloomberg