Will you soon need federal permission to drive your car?

Probably should stay away from old clothing. Synthetic materials are just nasty when they burn.

Sure. Live in reality.

When i was younger man living in a rural area i used to cut down my own trees off my wooded property for firewood.

I revealed that in a forum one time and it triggered one lib so bad he declared i was going to hell over that!

Funny thing was this lib condemning me to hell was a declared atheist! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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its a false narrative.

operating cost are lower
maintenance cost are lower
only the fuel is more expensive and thats because of government regs and penalties, not because coal itself costs more. it doesn’t.

not to woory though, with joe’s energy policies the collapse in oil prices is over, so even that won’t hold up.

gonna need to burn a lot of coal

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Nothing wrong with cutting down the dead stuff, or nuisance trees.

Burn those when around watermelon enviros.

Whatever. I’m not stressing over where our energy comes from, cleaner technology is being developed right before our eyes and it will come online when the technology and infrastructure are ready. Till then we have no choice but to use what we have.

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Better for the environment than either IC or EV.

Ignore the cost.

The writing is on the wall, regardless of what I do. Fossil fuels are being largely phased out. It will take many years.

Imagine America with at least 75 million horses…

And I am fine with that, if it is truly progress.

What I am not fine with is government forcing it because of a myth.


Uh huh … did you know we were supposed to have flying cars by now too?

America would never have 75 million horses because history would have unfolded differently.

How will John Kerry take his private jet to get an environmental award without gasoline? You know, for people like him?

A man can dream.

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No doubt.


I think there is enough pushback to prevent anything too reckless. On both sides actually.

That’s nice.