Will you leave your house if ordered not to?

In an effort to control the coronavirus, many cities are ordering people to stay in their homes.

EDIT - okay I was a bit precipitate with this thread, as the first 10 replies indicate.

So let’s put it in fantasy mode.

What if a city actually does issue a DON"T LEAVE THE HOUSE order as opposed to a DON"T CONGREGATE OUTSIDE order.

I don’t see the problem with someone just wanting to get out of the house and go for a drive. Filling up at a gas station on their own like we do, and then just going home.

There are even gas stations in the bigger cities that have little vending machines next to the pumps, so people can buy food without coming into contact with anyone.

So I’m wondering how many people will go driving in their own cars, get the tickets, and file a lawsuit rather than pay them.

I will defy orders.

I will help if asked.



While smaller, there’s still a risk because the virus can live on surfaces for a while, for example a gas pump handles and keypads/buttons. Same deal with vending machines.

And what about car accidents and break downs?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Scofflaw! It hasn’t even happened and already you’re rationalizing breaking it.

So you expect people to starve?

Let them eat (vending machine) cake!

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My state (NJ) is saying to stay home but is allowing “essential” travel - Groceries, pharmacy, etc.,
and “outdoor activities”

I did go out the other day to Home Depot to get some parts to fix a leaking kitchen sink.

I put on a pair of Nitrile gloves when I go out of the house.

Luckily, we do not have self serve gas here, so no worries with that.

I had planned on taking Friday off to go down to the shore to do some striper fishing, but I’ll see what people are saying on the various FB fishing groups.

You are mischaracterizing the “Stay at Home Orders”.

People can still get to stores, exercise outside, access essential services, go to the doctor, etc.

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I am in a state with a “remain at home” order… and it is not a “never leave the house” order. Essential retail (food, drug stores, gas stations) are open. Warehouse clubs and supermarkets are limiting the number of shoppers at any time to make it easier to stay spread out in the store. Food delivery services are working. People (my family included) are walking in the adjacent bird sanctuary to break things up with the understanding thet we should talk to neighbors from six feet away.

Exactly, but at Dr offices nobody is allowed to wait in the waiting room. My wife recently had neck surgery so her sister has to take her but wait in the truck.

Also, we are allowed out to go to the store for food etc. I did notice at Kroger that they have marked off with blue tape where you have to stand while waiting to check out.

So basically rather than a stay at home order, it should be titled a Don’t Congregate Outside! order.

My bad. I had been reading a bunch of tweets from peopl who had misunderstood it as well…

Just another example of why the right words matter to avoid misunderstanding.

I’ve edited my original post, so now it’s more of a ‘fantasy’ question.

I will do whatever I need to do to take care of my family and my animals. They want to stop me they’ll have to shoot me but I’ll be shooting back and I’m much better armed and trained than they are

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I’m classified an essential employee whose job has ties to both the medical industry and national security. I even have a special pass if I’m pulled over by law enforcement in either Oregon or Washington while commuting to/from work. Other than that, I plan to abide by the recent order in Washington. Going to be having a baby around August.

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Yesterday, Charlotte North Carolina went on lockdown. I’m 50 miles further out into the country. Thus far, things are going smoothly. I don’t see this order coming my way. There’s not enough people out here to get with in 6 feet of someone else. :sunglasses:

we went into lockdown at midnight
not much will be actually changing. before it went into effect you had to stay 6 feet apart in checkout lines at the grocery. bars and restuarants closed except for carry out.

now the biggest change is all non essential businesses are closed. things like grocerys,pharmacys,big box stores,etc are still allowed to be open.

weve basically quarantined ourselves anyway. my wife hasnt left the house since shes in a risk group. I do all the needed errands and when im done i come home and stay there.
when im out i avoid contact with people as much as possible

LOL, whatever happened to just practicing good hygiene?

Your hands can touch surfaces without even realizing it. If there’s germs on them…

:joy: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

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This ain’t brain surgery. It is frustrating…and can get boring…but…to save the world we are being asked to stay home, watch as much TV as you want (now with tons of options) do some cleaning or organizing at home, relax, be safe, and follow the simple rules. I think we can do this.

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