Will we be Shanghaied Joe?

What a dilemma for poor Joe, Covid is coming back with yet another variant due to Lyin’ Joes failure to keep his promise to Lock down the virus, a record number of deaths despite grim- reaper Joe being handed 3 vaccines, his unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates and Fauci the genius advising him. What is the Joe the unfortunate to do to mitigate his disastrous handling of the Covid pandemic?

Now he sees China enacting the Lib dream; the complete lockdown of a city of 25 million! 25 million people literally imprisoned in their homes to the point of starvation under the guise of compassion and caring and keeping this dread disease from inflicting millions with the sniffles and sore throats! And Joe the feckless has to worry about his fellow Libbies keeping their offices past Election Day in a short 6 months!! Oh what is Joe the indecisive to do??

It looks like Joe the incompetent is going to extend his mask mandate on airplanes to keep travelers needlessly uncomfortable so they don’t get re-accustomed to thinking for themselves and asserting their right to freedom, But will Joe bring back mask mandates everywhere? Will his hatred of American freedom will out over the need to attempt the reelection of the many brain dead Lib zombies who have to face angry voters?

Philly and Pittsburg are bringing the masks back, but they have no worries, their election stealing techniques are now legendary, they can cheat and ■■■■ all over their own state constitution and still elevate people to offices there, but Joe has to deal with lots and lots of people who are not in blue cities and states who disagree with Tyrant Joes measures.

What’s The geriatric genius going to do? Are we going to be shanghaied by Joe before the election or will he allow the vote to go as planned?

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You have to hand it to the GOP. Becoming antivax as part of the Trump reactionary wing was sheer genius. Yes, that strategy is killing Republicans 6:1 but so worth it to own the libz.


Good stuff. BTW, next time you refer to my hometown of PittsburgH, don’t forget the H
Yes, J’Biden is a clueless ■■■■■■■ moron. The handlers that have been selected to surround and ill advise him are equally inept cement heads.
These turds really do think Americans are stupid. I would be inclined to hope that the Nov mids are not just a bloodbath sending the progs and libs packing their ill-gotten taxpayer funded spoils and leaving DC but a House AND Senate majority might bring a legit impeachment of J’Bidens wrinkly old arse. But look at the ■■■■ show that would inherit the throne!

Air the grievances.

For a minute or two I wish that Trump would have been re-elected so I could witness the excuses when all of this same ■■■■ hit the fan. But that quickly passes and I am so damn glad that the idiot is not POTUS.


Sit back and let the anti vax and anti mask loons reap what they have sown.

God willing.

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Covid deaths are no longer the responsibility of the President. The media has seen to that. That was Joe’s “plan” he talked about.


Well, it depends. It the death is of an anti mask or vaxer, Biden bears no responsibility.

If the death is due to lack of vax or tests, you ©️ can blame Biden. You’d still be wrong, but at least you ©️ you won’t be blaming the president for your ©️ own negligence.


What should he be doing?

I seem to remember Trump getting hammered every single day by the Lib media about his handling of Covid. And what happened to that daily death count that was on every single channel and every single newscast? I seem to remember Joe saying that any president that presided over 200,000 deaths due to Covid doesn’t deserve to be president. I seem too remember Joe saying he would lock down the virus when he was still a candidate. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No, as a matter of fact, I don’t seem to remember, I DO remember. Every one of these things are true! Libs used Covid as a weapon against Trump but as it turns out they were lying through their teeth.

So what happened to those death counts? How come no Libs have apologized to Trump for blaming him for something he wasn’t responsible for? Joe did admit that the government can’t stop a virus. More people have died under Joe than Trump, and Joe was handed 3 vaccines when he assumed power.

Joe is really a lying, inept buffoon isn’t he? He will resort to the same unscientific, unconstitutional measures he enacted before. If only he could go that one step further, I’ll bet then he could fulfill his promise and lock down the virus! BUT, Joe needs to be careful, mid terms are right around the corner!

Buh-bye Libs!!!


Good question. Maybe eating ice cream in the park watching the squirrels? Presiding over the J’Biden family grifting enterprises?


And how is Joe responsible for the knuckleheads who won’t take precautions or get vaxxed?

Depends on if they get the voting machines replaced.

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Vaxxed?? That’s funny. 2 vaccines and 2 boosters and STILL, people are getting and transmitting Covid, and now we’re heading back to the same ineffective, unconstitutional measures that were forced on us before. Maybe if we mask up in our showers and while we’re sleeping! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: YEAH THAT’LL DO IT! Maybe more stimulus payments and putting people out of work too, and let’s not forget inviting millions more unvaxxed, untested people across our southern border and distributing them among our population in “secret”.

Yep, Joe’s got this thing licked! Way to go Joe!! Remember though, tick tock, tick tock November’s coming soon.


Oh…I wonder what virus escaped this time? Notice where it’s all beginning…again? Anyone see a pattern? Maybe they ate a new type of bat…amirite? :roll_eyes: :-1:

…enjoy this new moment where the MSM will feed that none of this is the President’s fault. Only orange man is baaa, baaa, baaad and that is pure sheoplization on display for anyone with their eyes actually open?

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I guess r/hermancainaward isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Omicron XE? I haven’t even installed Omicron 8.1 though. Does it have forced updates? :rofl:


Hilarious when you consider that the “vaxxed” are the same as the “unvaxxed” in that neither group will ever be fully “vaccinated”. :wink: :sheep:


Now openly cheering for the death of your political opponents, not a good look.