Will Trump Be Able to Get a Security Clearance After He Wins the Presidency

It’s the anonymity of the internet.

Anonymity can’t hide being stuck on stupid.


No, but it can hide a name and remove consequences.

Real name, or screen name, the consequence of being considered a fool still sticks.

The first thing I thought when I saw the title, “What if Trump derpy derpy derpy derp?”

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Me thinks we killed the thread…

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It’s boredom. And obsession.


and I was hoping he would have to make like Sandy Burger

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Rove indicted again!

Unfortunately, Menendez was acquitted. I thought he should be been convicted, but under US law he has to be treated as innocent.

I never said I was a spook. I was as a scientist working on classified matters.

No it isn’t. It rests with a series of agencies that grant clearances. All of them are in the Executive Branch so you could argue that the President has the authority to order the agencies to violate their own protocols.

That could seen as an abuse of power; alhough under right wing “unified executive theory” we are to abandon Constitutional limits on power in favor of a divine monarch.

Remember when Jared Kushner went through multiple rounds of getting clearance. Executive power did not override his inability to submit a complete financial statement.

It was that financial again.

That’s exactly right. The answer is to fire those at the top and clean the house of our corrupted, intelligence agencies and institutions. Trump has both the authority and now the reasoning for doing it.


he aint’t gonna “win” there’s near 0 chance. and if he somehow would beat the game he wont make it to the WH. trust me

as though democrats dont have the media saying anything and everything they want. if the Democrats did not control already, the “narrative“ people would realize what an idiot Joe Biden is, and has been for the past 50 years

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pssst… The President neither applies for nor is granted a clearance. “President” is the clearance.


Libs need this wet fantasy so badly. :rofl:


That is Trump’s claim in the documents case. It is not the law of the land until it is tested in court.

If the Democrats controlled the “narrative” Joe Biden would not be around 37% approval.

Anybody ever figure out who outranks the President on giving him a security clearance?

Spill it, folks, who is this shadowy figure behind the scenes telling the President what he can and cannot see? :rofl:


Elected officials don’t get background checks only their staff. The election was the check. However they don’t all have access unless granted. The President does however. Perhaps you should try Google first before you ask stupid questions.