Will Trump Be Able to Get a Security Clearance After He Wins the Presidency

But that was not your original position.

Your original position, as stated in the OP was that Trump could not get a clearance AFTER being elected. Which has proven to be the stupidest claim ever made on this board even surpassing “Rove Indicted”


Your answer is why most Democrats should never be considered a a serious candidate for POTUS.

The Qualifications Clause set forth in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 requires the President to be a natural-born citizen, at least thirty-five years of age, and a resident of the United States for at least fourteen years.

Without blinking an eye, you’ve added one more qualification to the CONSTITUTION.


This evidence was not in Hur’s report, nor can it be found in the transcript of the Comer/Jordan committee hearing with Hunter Biden.

What evidence are you referring to?

There are multiple other criteria that are not in the Constitution but which voters consider.

Prior to 1960, there was substantial non-Constitutional resistance to a Catholic running.
Voters don’t chose a President by solely looking at Constitutional requirements.

Did you not bother to read the original post before calling it stupid? I never said Trump could not get a clearance. I said he probably should not.

A smarter response from you would have addressed the substance of the post rather than attacking a straw man. An even smarter post would have dispensed with the insult and proivded a thoughtful counter position.

I hope we can work together in the future to raise the caliber of discussion on this board.

The answer to your thread title question is a resounding yes.

There was no should there.


I cannot believe there are this many replies entertaining such a pathetic topic.

The premise of the OP is so asinine it is meme-worthy.

As though if Trump is elected President he is going to play Solitare all day long in the White House because he doesn’t have security clearance. :rofl:

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Any competent investigator would look at the structure of the Truth Social stock offering and alarm bells would ring. The entity is valued in the billions but its own auditor has questioned whether there is any underlying value.

The stock is getting zero traction with institutional investors; it is a classic example of a meme stock.

Trump is the principle investor and when the restrictions on when he can cash in expire will he do so. How can he sell large valumes of shares without tanking their value if he cannot interest institutional investors. The obvious answer is the same way he has sold inflated value condos — to Russian oligarchs; to sovereign wealth funds of nations that also invest in terrorism.

The risk to American interests is overwhelming.

“You have to infer what’s happening here … you’re not gonna get necessarily hard proof”– Ron Johnson

Are you arguing for the possibility of political pressure based on some hypothetical?

This has nothing to do with this security clearance.

That flies in the face of everything our legal system was set up to implement.

Well sure, but when has that ever stopped them?

It certainly never stopped Johnson’s buddies in the Kremlin.

Did you have another “them” in mind?

No just this current crop of MAGA Republicans.

Ah yes, the conspiracy traffickers.

Unless their members of the DNC than they get special get out of jail free cards.

Biden left classified documents laying around his garage in box’s. A garage that is probably open to the public several hours a day. As well have being open 24 hours a day 365 days a year to a crack head sib who is also a crook and sells the family name for money. As well as any other visitor that has been at any of bidens homes or offices in the past fifty years.
Showing those classified documents to the public his ghost writer to make money from having those documents in his possession. And lying about having those documents to the public. Biden said he just found out he had those documents in 2021 and hurried to turn them in. Funny he showed those classified documents that it is illegal for him to have being that he has only been a lowly senator and vice president to his ghost writer in 2017. Then being the sneaky crook that he is old biden tried to sneak them back where they belonged without the public knowing. The only reason the public found out is because a whistle blower ratted on him. Biden never had the authority to take any classified documents home.
And what does the law do. They say he is too senile to be charged.

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Biden did not comply. He knew he was a crook and tried to sneak the evidence back where it belonged. His problem was that some honest person ratted him out a couple months later.
Biden had files scattered in box’s. Not locked up. In box’s on the floor where anyone could pick them up in multiple homes and offices. Biden never had any right to have the classified documents which he stole over a scan of fifty years.
You ignore the fact that what biden did was a crime whether he returned them or not. You will ignore that he never had the authority to take them in the first place. You will ignore that the DOJ did not show bidens files all laid out on the floor and that that is fishy. You will ignore that biden had classified documents in his garage and laying around the house about the US military and their operations. You will ignore the fact that Hurr said in his report that biden knew he had all those classified documents for years before he suddenly tried to sneak them back where they belonged.
I am not hand wringing over anything but the fact that there looks to be two sets of rules. One for senile old democrats and one for GOP members that the democrats hate. If one gets tried because it is a crime. Than everyone gets tried. If not than when only one gets tried it is not about the law. It is all being done because of politics.

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You have provided an excellent summary of the right wing talking points version of Special Counsel Hur’s report. However, this is an entirely misleading and often erroneous summary of what Hur wrote. I would urge you to read the report itself and you might find you reach somewhat different conclusions.

One small example: the word “senile” never appears in the Special Counsel Report although it is featured in rigfh wing talking about the report.

If you read the report itself you will learn what the law actually said.

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Yes. I have to admit I’m kind of impressed by his persistence.
However, he has of late switched from “will Trump be able to get a security clearance after he wins the Presidency” to “people should not vote for Trump because he would be a security risk”.
That is at least a partial concession to reality.