Will those that attacked Mueller and his team apologize?


If there’s one thing Trump hates, it’s disruptions.


Maybe…I always hated that schtick.


NO I won’t that’s for sure! Mueller should have known he had ZIP when he got the case and he should have ended it before it even began! It cost taxpayers $millions$, took over two years and divided this country, I still think he is a “piece of”… :angry:


How many indictments were related to the Russian interference again?


No the report said the trump campaign was approched several times, but they NEVER took the bait.


Youve read the report? Barr used a avery narrow scope to state there was no collusion…

Barr torpedoed the investigation because that’s what trump has always wanted…he has his holder.

The letter was very trumpy…


Was talking about the summery report sent to congress.

How did Barr torpedo the investigation? Links and evidence please.


This barely would have disrupted anything if he hadn’t taken to bitching about it several times a day.


A report saying no collusion did nothing to stop them.



Summary report doesnt give much detail and we dont know context…so again what have you seen that we havent? Links and evidence…

And no


“Will those that attacked Mueller and his team apologize?”

Don’t hold your breath. lol


None of it was baseless. There were mountains of evidence available that made this investigation necessary. I’m glad that no Americans conspired with Russia. As I stated from the beginning of this whole thing was my sincere hope. For the sake of our country. But this was necessary. We were attacked by our largest, hostile foreign enemy. We needed to find out why and to what end.


When has anyone accused Matthews of “journalisming” as it were?


is he a journalist or not?


Not. Not anymore than Hannity or Tucker. He is an opinion pundit. And from my opinion quite insufferable.


I’m not following you? Are you suggesting that because Mueller did not find the evidence necessary to indict the President, his team of Democrats deserves an apology? Why? It was a purposefully staged team of politically biased lawyers who couldn’t find what wasn’t there? I’ll tell you what…give back the money that they were paid and I’ll apologize.


Could it possibly be that they were not the partisan witch hunters they were made out to be? And in fact they were simply unbiased, patriotic Americans employed to perform an investigation into why our largest, hostile foreign enemy attacked us, and whether or not any American assisted them in that attack?


There is no question that it was their skill and partisanship that earned them a spot on the team and the laws of probability have shown that quite clearly if…you are examining this in a non-partisan, mathmatical way.


That’s what republicans will say now after we watched them trash Mueller for the last 2 years.


The tears are for the daily media smears and rumors coming to an end.

There was never any chance for collusion to be found. It isn’t a crime and conspiracy was too volatile a charge to use.

Have no fear…The smear merchants will not stop and will further expose their single track agenda that has no place for the middle or working class.