Will those that attacked Mueller and his team apologize?


Mueller was trashed for the leaks and the investigation was trashed for existing.

Time to put a microscope on those FISA warrants, especially if the Congress wants to double down on political smear investigations.


Yeah, that’s false. He was trashed himself. You want me to post quotes from around the country?


There is no question it was their skill, and NOT their partisanship that earned them a spot on the investigative team. Mueller is a professional and he hired fellow professionals. If it was all about partisanship then wouldn’t the outcome have been different? Of course it would. But that destroys the last 2 years of narrative from those who have been bashing our Law Enforcement Institutions and a patriot, and lifelong Republican like Mueller.


Maybe and maybe not. @Smyrna still is claiming they were a bunch of biased partisans.


So the all-powerful Deep State set up “an insurance policy” to “get Trump” but yet were not all-powerful enough to make sure “the insurance policy”…you know…actually worked?

Wow…such incompetence by the Deep State…makes you wonder how any group of people so incompetent could become “The Deep State” in the first place.


50% of the lawyers hired were Republicans…NOT. What percent were Democrats? If you answer it truthfully, you answered your own question regarding bias.


Mueller is a Republican too. Hmmmmmmmmmm…and yet…no Rs. Hmmmmmmmmm.


The problem isn’t with who some had donated to in the past. Not everyone is as incapable of separating their partisanship from their profession as you seem to believe all folks are. Most professionals are easily able to separate their partisanship from their profession. Stop letting others think for you and try to think for yourself here.


WEll, I guess there will be no apology from you then, eh?


Again, it’s irrelevant. He hired professionals who performed professionally and without bias.


Better Call Bob should have a lot of explaining to do. I said a long, long time ago, that he was put in place to clean up the dimocrat’s mess.

bob the fixer.


Conspiracy theorists always have another conspiracy to cover the previous conspiracies. Watch.


They were…and they still could not fabricate malfeasance.


NOW he is a Republican.

Before Friday he was a war hero and consummate professional beyond party politics.

He must have figured out he was had and quit the witch hunt without a single witch.


See…No witch.



No they were not. But we get it. You hate Law Enforcement Officers if they are tasked with investigating the sleazy, corrupt, criminal you support.


You could at least pick an actual crime as a goal.

Collusion??? Never passed the smell test. It stank like a waste of time political hit job from day ONE.



The crime has been described here ad-nauseum. Just because you refuse to accept that reality does not change the truth.


Oh, they are still angry because they could not find anything to pin on Trump


The outcome is not terribly surprising to me. I predicted at the onset that I would be very surprised if there was collusion.

That being said, can’t we all agree that the Russian interference was bad and worthy of being investigated? Why would we sit idly by and just assume the best? I’m glad we investigated, I’m glad we got the result that we did. Who thinks we should never have investigated?


Meeting with a Russian to hear what they have to say, is not a crime. Just get over it already.