Will those that attacked Mueller and his team apologize?

Or are the member of Mueller’s team all still angry Democrats?

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no, they will claim that they supported the honorable republican mueller all along and it was dems that have been trashing him all this time…

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Will those that initiated two years of baseless accusations against the legitimately elected President of this country every apologize to the country for this disruption?


A baseless investigation other than the dozens of indictments and the numerous lies from Team Trump.


Where’s the collusion?

Team Trump meeting with Russians to discuss sharing illegally obtained information would be collusion.

Apparently that wasn’t considered obvious enough for criminal charges.

Trump’s DoJ initiated this investigation. Sounds like the Trump admin has a lot of apologies to issue, eh?

■■■■ mueller and his team. They interfered in our election. They should be investigated.

Do you know how investigations are started?

Obviously not.

There were many meetings between Trump’s people and Russians.

If someone doesn’t regard THAT as a red flag worthy of being investigated for national security purposes, then they’re idiots.

Of course we could easily get into Whitewater and Benghazi, but my guess is you don’t want to talk about actual baseless allegations.

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Where are all the democrats on his team that were instigating a coup

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On their own? They did this independently? Without the help of the party In power atthe time when he and his team were appointed and in fact appointed by the party of the President?

Hércules Hércules

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They’ll say it was a witch hunt…but not even Deep State Mueller and his Deep State overlords could manufacture enough evidence to get Trump.

Because now it suits the CEC that the Deep State is NOT all-powerful.

The Deep State’s power waxes and wanes whenever it suits the CEC.


democrats and chris matthews just know hes guilty, despite this

they cant explain why, or present any evidence… but they just know

Don’t mistake me at all here. There are many, many republicans that need to be gone and probably investigated as well.

Chris Matthews is being a baby.

He should stop

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Freedom caucus… yeah hey listen good luck

Chris Matthews has always been a baby.

but he’s journalisming! : )

You know what i disagree. There was point in the 90s when hardball was truly fun. It was a good attempt to copy the McLaughlin group and crossfire. By the 2000s he became a baby

After the meeting between Don Jr. and his merry band of incompetents and the Russian reps, one would have to be a hyper-partisan water-carrier of the first order to call the accusations “baseless”. That’s not even considering the indictments and convictions already in the bag.