Will the Trudeau government survive a collapse of the Canadian auto industry?

All traffic into Canada at the Detroit-Windsor bridge is closed as of 2 pm on 2/8/2022 as a result of ongoing trucker protests.

Auto plants in Canada and the US are dependent on just-in-time deliveries. Plants could start shutting down in a matter of days.

Is this the beginning of the end for the Trudeau government?

How should Biden respond to border protests that close US plants?

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That takes the protest up a notch.

All the Canada government has to do is end the mandates. Should be easy.

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Yes, there is an easy solution.

That would restore civil rights to millions of Canadians. Unfortunately, civil rights are viewed as a threat to the fascists running the government.

Another possibility is that the Canadian government will follow through with earlier threats to use the military to end the trucker protests.



Let them hurt. This is a dumb business model anyway. They should have enough inventory to survive the amount of time it takes to find a new supplier, not just the amount of time it takes for the next truck to arrive.

Just-in-time inventory models have been the fad since the 1980s, and businesses are judged on keeping inventories as low as possible.

Recent disruptions in the supply chain show the dangers in that approach. Shutting down a few key roads between the US and Canada could be catastrophic for the auto industry on both sides of the border.

The government should stay out of it and let the market judge these businesses when they shut down from such a small disruption.

as long as he isn’t under it when it collapses, he’ll survive…

American companies did it wrong, the people they got the idea from understood having enough supply to withstand temporary supply chain disruptions.

It looks like Trudeau is starting to sweat.

Meanwhile the White House continues to spread disinformation about the trucker protests.



I hope he gets voted out there. Another liberal has been ■■■■■■■ up the world


Let’s Go Brandon in the USA Let’s go Fiberal Bedwetter in CANADA.

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Close the border going both ways. But do not be surprised if Stumblin Joe the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier will do and say some crazy stuff.

Easy for idiots is very ■■■■■■■ difficult. They love drama and asinine notions and actions.

Let’s Go Brandon. Let’s go Fiberal Bedwetter.

Justin is an idiot


At some point I suspect he will send in the military.


Isn’t that Trudeau numbnuts the son of Maggie, who flashed the camera with no drawers on back in the day?


I certainly hope so. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Yippee yippeeee yahooooooo

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NDP will not vote Trudeau out.
so he will be fine.

this blockade has already ended.