Will the taliban take over Afghanistan again?

Was looking at and interactive map of the Taliban gains in the last few months it appears they control as much territory as the government does now. Do you think they will take complete control or a drawn out civil war for years to come as in Syria?

They will have total control by Nov.


When Biden announce our leaving I said they’d have it by Xmas. Sneaky countered with Halloween. It’s starting to look like I underestimated the Taliban.

Its almost impossible for a conventional army to hold the country.
it was doomed for the start.

Ya I wasn’t expecting them to go on a rampage this fast looks like they took three towns today. First thing they did of course after killing and running them out is to burn the schools.

And their first major city the other day.

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They been taking over towns since major combat operation ended, the Afghanistan Army lack the ability to move freely around the country to stop them due to the lack of infrastructure, one of the key tactics of the Taliban is to take out road crews.

“Will the Taliban take over Afghanistan again?”

Yep. Good practice, folks, EndEx!


Just heard today the Taliban “ran over” the city of Kunduz, the airfield and the government buildings.
Although US aircraft assisted Afghan forces in the outlying areas, I’d say Kunduz is history. Wonder how much US assets left behind the Taliban get to keep? Wonder how many US service personnel were killed, wounded or dismembered in defense of Kunduz during previous encounters??
■■■■ this, let the Tali’s have the ■■■■■■■■■ country, this is all bull ■■■■■

did you want NATO to stay in Afghanistan forever, can’t have both.

Looks like they are parading around their new loot from the Afghanistan army. At this pace it’s starting to look like a Mosul/Isis situation.

“The weaponry includes 900 guns, 30 light tactical vehicles and 20 army pickup trucks, according to NBC News’ U.K. partner Sky News, which was granted access to the Sultan Khil military base in the Wardak province close to the Afghan capital, Kabul.”

If NATO took the war into FATA we might have killed the Taliban.

Don’t worry, it’s substandard gear.


did you get it from Canada?

■■■■ NATO too

1147 non American NATO troops died in Afghanistan.

Yup. Unless we plan on occupying indefinitely there’s no way around it. That seems to be a lesson our country (and others) never seem to learn.

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As long as the “Taliban” leaves the opium fields alone this time, they’ll stay in power.

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You’d think somebody in the Pentagon learned something from the Soviet debacle in A’Stan?
This industrial military complex ■■■■ was a FUBAR during the Vietnam cluster fox trot!

everyone in the Pentagon knew this was going to happen the day we attacked OBL in his cave,