Will the taliban take over Afghanistan again?

I’m sure somebody learned something. It’s the lack of application of that knowledge. In my opinion, the overriding issue is going into a situation without a clear endpoint and/or exit strategy. Or at least not devising them as soon as possible if immediate action is needed. It’s not a military phenomenon. People and corporations make the same mistake frequently.

Public opinion is a big factor in the war in Afghanistan.

Sure, it’s their dirt and rocks again.

After US Air greased Saddam’s rapists and pillagers on the road to Baghdad from Kuwait City, that should have been the end of that nonsense. A warning to Saddam that worse would happen should he ■■■■ with the Kuwaitis again. That WMD-Shock and Awe BS was all about Cheney and his Halliburton pals. Damn him ,damn that man!

I agree.

Sooner IMHO

Two words: Air power.

Or perhaps rather, the lack thereof.

I’d fight over a view like this.


^^ Especially with this guy. I’d fight the hell out of this guy. lol


I always said Afghanistan was beautiful in most of the country. Great places for vacation resorts. Just have to get rid of the crazy.


I agree. Public opinion influences politicians who influence the military. The exact opposite way to run a military campaign in my opinion. Nothing new with that though.

Along with a trillion dollars worth of minerals.

One of the most incredible places I’ve ever seen. Some of the most disgusting excuses for humans too.


What mining company would be crazy enough to go there?

Chinese ones.


I’m sure it’ll be in the ground for some time lol.

Not sure about that. If they are there to do the work and give them money instead of ruling them it might work.

China already has all the minerals they need to dominate supply of world demand.

And now they have contracts in Afghanistan. :wink:

American companies they just hire Afghan people.