Will the real homophobe please stand up?

Oops. It looks like it’s our favorite redhead. Jen herself. Calling Lindsey Graham “LadyG.” But that’s Ok. Liberals get a pass just as Biden has gotten a pass for all of his racial insults. I wonder if she will be asked about it in her next presser? Probably not, since her questions are pre screened. She won’t need to circle back on this one.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Tweeted A Gay Slur At Lindsey Graham | The Daily Caller

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So.many grievances.

Not a big deal is it? Not at all. Right?

So many excuses.

When you go back to the CCP, will another Chicom agent take over your trolling duties here on this same account? or will they start their own?

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Ah, so when a lib screws up we should ignore it? I see. So I’m putting you down as being Ok with anti gay slurs as long as it’s done by a liberal. Guess what? If Sean Hannity had said this, he would no longer have a show. What should be done with little Red? In your opinion.


Some background: Lady G is what a prostitute called the Senator for using the prostitute’s services, but then voting against civil rights protections for homosexuals.

Seems Graham should probably not being buying up boy toys, if he doesn’t want the whole thing going viral, no?

Isn’t the more appropriate takeaway that Graham has become infamous for a bunch of avoidable self-inflicted wounds?

What mistake?

The lesson here is politicians who want to stay in the closet probably shouldn’t being be buying up social media savvy sex workers.

You didn’t answer. Repeating a slur does not make the slur acceptable.

What should be done with little Red? In your opinion.

Repeating a slur does not make the slur acceptable.

What should be done with little Red? In your opinion.

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I think she hates her job already. I mean everyday she looks silly and small.

She does. And she doesn’t have to deal with al the hate that Kayleigh did.

Are these rumours? Is this source, a male prostitute, what you would consider a reliable source?

Yes, why not?

A sex worker can’t tell facts?

Who cares? It has nothing to do with what Jen said. A slur is a slur.

A sex worker can use a anti-gay slur. And when a press secretary does it, it’s still an anti-gay slur.

If a conservative had said this, he would be blacklisted. I’m not sure I would blacklist Jen, but I would certainly Redlist her. Maybe cancel her Twitter account.

It’s only a slur if it’s evil. What he is alleged to have done isn’t evil under the law, nor under Democrat ethical standards.

“Lady” is anti-gay how?

Please, be precise.

So name calling is bad now?


Assuming the accusation is true, that doesn’t mean a person needs to support legislation that promotes his sin.

Very true.
And … ?? :man_shrugging:

Graham doesn’t have to come out of the closet or support legislation.

The issue is contracting the services of a male sex worker in the social media age and then people pretending that this something done to Graham.